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1. Reset your account to default for Pokemon GO Hacks

If you have an automatically generated password, they will not help you anymore when trying out these hacks. Especially the hacking without username version is vulnerable if users share passwords.

That being said, there are many ways to get free accounts on the go. You can try downloading another app that generates them for you (which we won’t recommended), or you can do some steps below.

The only method we would not recommend is accessing the hack through Facebook as this requires access to your social graph.

We advise instead to use one of the other methods mentioned in this article. They may seem unrelated, but they work perfectly fine.

If you need to reset his account again, see our step related to generating unique keys. This applies whether you used a common shortcut or accessed the hack directly.

2. Create a new account for Pokemon GO Hacks

Sign up for a Nintendo/AppleAccount as well if you want to use their matching services. You will need either your registered Twitter or Facebook email address, or if you prefer using a password may choose a unique name without any special characters.

After creating an account, you can download the app or connect with them through what’s called “Nintendo Network Login.” This allows you to sign in on both your normal user account and the one you created unless you decide not to sign in at all.

You can also check out our guide on how to create a dummy account that only requires an email and some personal information!

3. Get a friend to sign up for Pokemon Go

One of the easiest ways to get ahead is to ask a stranger to help you! This method can work well if you don’t know your friends that well or if they are also playing the game.

You can find people to play with by asking strangers, or you can try finding groups online who want to play video games. Games often start off easy and then harden quickly, so be careful what tricks you use to get in this early.

The best way to learn more about the game is to just go out and have fun—playing the game for time will give you benefits that may surprise you.

4. Enter a contest

There’s a good chance you will win some type of prize or other Niantic-related gift card when you enter a contest sometimes.

There are three types of contests that happen in Pokemon Go. You can get tickets for performing well in challenges, you can buy them in advance, may even be open to registration later, or as an added bonus, you can earn tickets by doing things that are not possible otherwise.

Find out what kind of prizes you have access to and try your best to score several ones if it is within your ability.

If there is a tournament nearby, stop by and see if they have any extra ticket bonuses. Some events give additional chances to winners via swag bags, items giving temporary stat boosts, or special rewards for winning.

Try entering these opportunities to gain more wins and score better results!

5. Use real life friends

Even if you don’t have any friends, you can still get help from strangers by asking the right questions.

There are hundreds of online communities that focus on making new friendships as well as helping people connect with others.

You can make friends more easily when you’re in a comfortable environment with someone else, so try going out for a walk or something fun together! People are much easier to talk to about things you need help with because they aren’t expecting anything from you.

These are great ways to meet new people and find friendship. The next time you’re trying to reach out to other people, consider what it would look like if everyone was reacting to you the way that you feel.

That way, you’ll probably receive more positive feedback than negative. And whenever you do meet up with another friend, remember to take care of yourself first- sometimes we need to cut ourselves some slack and enjoy ourselves for once.

6. Use robot friends

If you’re having trouble finding other players in the game, try contacting your friends to see if they want any help playing the game or providing bonuses for others to play with them.

There are some fake robots that look like walking dead dolls and can be found on YouTube.

These replicas will allow you to connect them to your smartphone so that people thinking they are real bots will join their games.

You can buy one for as little as $15 from online retailers.

7. Use memes

If you don’t want to spend hours making progress with your skills or wasting time through quests, this hack will definitely be used by you!

Within the first few days of released, many users had figured out how to use images as points for Niantic’s server system.

By creating meme-based quests, you can create custom experiences for your players that adapt to their individual gameplay styles.

For example, set up a quest that requires someone to input a certain code or solve a puzzle to open a door. You can even have it require a specific group of items to complete the task.

Or, put a timer on the solution to a puzzle so those who need extra time have more chances to make progress.

No matter what kind of hacks you choose, they are bound to help your game become easier and keep things interesting.

8. Use a novel

A lot of people make use of their existing knowledge in life to thrive as an individual. The same can be said about making friends or connecting with other individuals.

Many times, we go through life without realizing how special we are or what we have until it’s gone. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is that you only get one shot at this thing called love!

You don’t want to risk falling in love and then find out your partner doesn’t feel the same way. So when it comes to helping others discover their worth, consider using your experience as motivation to seek help from professionals so they can improve their lives.

A therapist can help you work through any issues you have regarding self-confidence or personal relationships. Also, if you’ve been in therapy yourself, you know how helpful it can be to understand others’ experiences and feelings.

In addition to professional guidance, there are several things you can do to better handle your depression and anxiety. You can try yoga or mindfulness practices, see a family counselor, or attend a group session.

Maybe you have some problems understanding thoughts and ideas or learning new habits. Is the problem within yourself? Or could someone else be contributing to your difficulties?

Ask yourself these questions and check in order to move forward. And remember, you are not alone.

There is hope for you, regardless of how bad your symptoms are.

9. Use movies

One of the easiest ways to get free items in NGC is by using videos you have made with your phone’s camera. You can use short video clips saying “ look here for more info,” or longer movie trailers. As long as it contains an image of what you are looking at, they will work.

For example, say you see a child talking about how to play basketball. You take a picture of that shot put logo and add “ here’s why it’s cool.” Then you make a second video explaining the logo’s origin.

You can also do this with photo sets. Say there is something special about one of your photos and you don’t want everyone else to know about it. Take pictures from different angles and apply your knowledge to show other people who originally took the picture!

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