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What is Email Blogging?

Email blogging is an aggregate of e-mail marketing and blogging – duh. It’s essentially e-mail with strong attention to content material that entertains and gives knowledge. But unlike your regular blog post, this content material is available to your subscribers only. The readers don’t leave their inboxes till they’re geared up to

finish a purchase or explore your brand further, which makes it greater attractive to the ones cautious of clicking to your CTAs.

Why Email-Blogging?

Because while your blog is the best avenue for getting interested online, setting up your authority, and getting found in the search engines … e-mail communication allows you to join on a greater intimate level, construct trust with your audience, and offer you a device for making relevant offers on your audience.

Email marketing and a blog serve exclusive purposes, and a smart content marketing program will typically consist of both. If you have a blog, you need to ensure your blog is running collectively together along with your e-mail advertising efforts to serve your target market and get you towards your content marketing goals. You can use your blog to sell your e-mail list, and vice versa, however most effective when you have a symbiotic relationship between the two. Of course, your blog posts and e-mail updates need to constantly be applicable and beneficial to your target market.

So you need both – Blogging along with E-mail.

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How to use Email Blogging?

Here are some ways and tips to utilize emails along with blog content to reach a greater audience. These are not any sort of formulae or principles but tricks to combine both.

1.  Use cookies while blog posting

Your task is to make people open (and frequently read) your emails. Combining your blog content with your e-mail campaigns is an amazing way to do that. Remember that you should practice this systematically. 

Amazing blog posts will make the world’s best cookies. So when you’ve published a new one, don’t forget to send it out to your customer list. You can use some alternative methods for sending blog content to your wishlist. Some are mentioned as follows. Use your e-mail advertising device to push your new blog posts out in your listing automatically. Feedblitz, AWeber, and MailChimp all offer RSS campaign capability that helps you to cope with this process. Just set it and neglect it, then publish blog posts to your heart’s content.

When you submit a brand new submit, manually send an e-mail broadcast in your listing that consists of a teaser sentence or in a precise manner describing your post. Always encompass a hyperlink again to the blog post to your site. Share the entire blog post via an individual e-mail in your listing, and hyperlink again to the post on the end. If you need to inspire verbal exchange, ask people to remark by saying “Join the communication at the blog” or something similar.

Send out a weekly, bi-weekly, or month-to-month publication that consists of hyperlinks in your excellent weblog posts.

2. Create FAQ autoresponders 

Create a set of insanely beneficial classes or solutions to often requested questions, after which post them into an e-mail autoresponder series. In your autoresponders, include plenty of hyperlinks again in your basic blog content. And in case you need to get really fancy, you can even create content classes that correspond with your autoresponders and hyperlink to them.

3. Don’t neglect your footer! 

In the footer of your blog posts, upload an opt-in offer of some sort of gift. Prompt your readers to sign on to get updates about your, acquire a free piece of top-class content material, or get your content-rich monthly publication.

4. Schedule for content synergy 

Create editorial calendars on your blog and your e-mail marketing campaigns that share common subject matters and paintings together. Your purpose is to submit a clear, coherent message to your target market, and that consists of all of the tools for your content advertising toolbox. Take help from SEO agencies for better optimization of your content. Mere content without optimization will never work.

5. Feature your visitor blog posts. 

Post about the reviews you got about your blog and all sorts of appreciation. If changed or modified some of your blog content as per the visitor’s feedback, you can also include them. This makes you get connected with your visitors.

6. Reintroduce yourselves 

Right before you release a brand new product, you may reinvigorate your listing by sending more than one piece of smart, well-positioned content that is associated with the subject of your product. But don’t be bored. To make your thing more interesting for your customers, get help from best SEO company.

7. Offer free updates conspicuously

Create a “Free Updates” web page on your internet site that permits visitors to easily sign-in on your listing and get an unfastened ebook, video, or different piece of top-class content. Then hyperlink to that web page in the navigation bar of your site is made seen on each web page of your website — you never realize what web page or post of your website a reader may find out first.

8. Take complete gain of social media 

Use social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to in addition your content advertising goals, not simply as amusing distractions that make you experience like you’re being productive. Make certain that you’re riding visitors from social networking systems again to your content and onto your e-mail listing. Social networking may be a big asset on your business, however handiest in case you stay targeted to your purpose. Get connected with Best SEO company for better utilization of your content. 

Utilize the power of email and blogging together in a smart way for better success.

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