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Summer remains the most popular time of year for family travel. Many Ukrainians are going to go on vacation for the first time in the last two years. The fight against the coronavirus continues in the world, many countries are still either closed or have imposed strict restrictions on entry. Tours to Turkey remain the best option for a summer trip. This country traditionally remains the best place to relax for both single tourists and couples in love, as well as for families travelling with a small child.

The amazing nature of Turkey, its mild climate, clean sea coasts and a wide selection of beautiful beaches have made this country a tourist Mecca for travellers from all over the world. Ukrainians prefer to go to Turkey because of the large selection of resorts and the relative availability of vouchers. When choosing local resorts, it is important to take into account the fact that the conditions for entering the territory of Turkey remain quite mild. It is necessary to have either a negative test result for coronavirus, received no later than 72 hours from the moment of boarding the plane, or a certificate of vaccination.

The best resorts in Turkey for families with children

Travellers who first chose this destination may have a question about where to relax in Turkey with children in 2021. Most local hotels are family-type hotels, which have all the amenities for a comfortable stay with a child. Turkey is washed by four seas and has a huge number of picturesque beaches, with a gentle and convenient entrance to the water. Tourists who are going to this country for the first time are not easy to make a choice. But some resorts have long been focused on special criteria that will make an optimal family vacation in Turkey.

Travelling with children is different from any other type of holiday. It is necessary to take into account all the requests that may arise from young tourists. Children’s hotels in Turkey offer a wide range of services for recreation and leisure of young travellers. Almost any hotel provides for the presence of its own swimming pools for children, many hotels have their own water parks. Children’s leisure activities are usually well organised. Animators are ready to entertain young tourists all day long, while parents can devote the free time to rest and entertainment. Turkey offers all-inclusive tours designed for tourists with a child.

Based on the reviews of our customers, we have compiled ratings of Turkish resorts and hotels offering the best options for a family holiday in Turkey. The list includes Antalya, Kemer, Side, Belek, Alanya, Marmaris, Bodrum, Kusadasi, Fethiye and other destinations. A trip to any of these resorts will leave a positive impression.

The best time to travel to Turkey will be the period from mid-spring to the end of October. In many local resorts, you can start sunbathing and swimming from the beginning of May, and even at the end of September the weather remains favourable for beach leisure. It will also be useful for travellers to know the periods when prices in Turkey will fall.

Alanya is the best option for a family holiday in Turkey

Inexpensive hotels for a holiday with a child in Turkey are in every region of this country, but it is Alanya that remains the most popular destination among Ukrainian tourists. There is an explanation for this phenomenon. A wide range of budget hotels, the service in which remains impeccable, and a comfortable climate annually attract hundreds of thousands of tourists to Alanya.

Sandy beaches here are optimal for children, the mild climate of the region allows you to swim from mid-May to almost the end of October. The developed infrastructure of the resort includes one of the most famous water parks in Turkey – Water Planet, theme parks and a large number of attractions. Rest with a small child will fly by unnoticed. Most families who choose Antalya for a tour to Turkey invariably return here again.

Tours to Alanya

Belek – not only rest, but also a charge of health

The best hotels in Turkey for children are located on the shores of the Aegean Sea, washing the beaches of Belek. Located around the pine forest creates a unique microclimate, which will allow not only to relax, but also to improve your health. Doctors recommend trips to this region to tourists suffering from anxiety, heart and lung problems. Rest at this resort will strengthen children’s immunity and give an unforgettable experience to the whole family.

Belek is surrounded on several sides by mountains, which makes the local climate mild and comfortable to travel even with the youngest tourists. The beaches in this resort are pebbly and sandy, the entrance to the water is mostly gentle. Many hotels are equipped with their own swimming pools and water slides, and animators are ready to deal with children 24/7. A trip to Belek will cost more than a holiday in Alanya, but such a tour will pay off many times over.

Tours to Belek

Bodrum – salvation from the summer heat

One of the most popular resorts in Turkey among European tourists. People go to this region for unique impressions of the noisy nightlife and elite beach holidays. Unlike many Turkish resorts, there is no sweltering heat in Bodrum in summer. The local climate is suitable for those travellers who are contraindicated by excessive heat. The sandy beaches of Bodrum are considered one of the most picturesque and convenient in Turkey.

A tour to this Turkish resort will give an unforgettable experience. However, in this case, you must carefully choose the option to host. Children’s hotels in Turkey are usually located away from the bustle of the city. Bodrum has a large number of bars, discos and nightclubs. It is worth checking with the tour operator which hotel is more suitable for a quiet and comfortable stay.

Tours to Bodrum

Marmaris – unforgettable hiking

Family holidays in Turkey may not be limited to beach leisure and the work of animators. Marmaris offers an abundance of options for active pastime. People come here because of the developed infrastructure with an abundance of shops and entertainment. Children like local amusement parks, two water parks and a dolphinarium.

Marmaris is more than two thousand years old, local historical sights are perfectly preserved and maintained in good condition. From here you can go on an excursion to the Aegean Islands, Rhodes or Cleopatra Island. Along the sea between Marmaris and Icmeler there is a picturesque trail, considered ideal for family hiking or cycling. The transport network makes it easy to get from Marmaris to other resorts in Turkey.

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Tours to Marmaris  is the perfect resort for families with children

Flying to Turkey can be tiring, the road often negatively affects young travellers. Many tourists consciously choose children’s hotels in Turkey, which are located near the airport. One such option is Side, a resort on the Mediterranean coast. The relative proximity of the hotel stock to the airport allows you to reach almost any local hotel in just an hour. After that, a pleasant and comfortable rest begins.

Side is famous for its sandy beaches, where it is convenient to spend time with children. In addition to warm sand and useful sea leisure, this resort is rich in fresh air. Around Side there are pine forests and eucalyptus groves, the local nature seems to be created for healing and strengthening immunity. In addition, in Side you can get acquainted with the ancient culture of the peoples who previously inhabited this region. A trip to this resort will be useful for educational purposes. The presence of water parks and amusement parks will be a nice bonus. Local hotels are among the most inexpensive among all Turkish resorts.

Tours in Side

Other resorts for a family tour to Turkey

We have described only the top 5 resorts in Turkey, which are best suited for families with children. However, almost any destination in this country is ready to give an unforgettable experience when choosing a family trip.

Kemer is considered the greenest and most coniferous resort in Turkey. Rest here will help to gain strength and health for the whole year ahead. Sandy beaches with a gentle entry into the water are convenient even for kids.

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Fethiye is good because the local climate suggests a serene rest from the middle of spring. The proximity of the mountains and pine forests allow you to breathe fully, the gentle sea will make children happy and help “recharge the batteries” of their parents. In addition, Fethiye is located away from noisy tourist locations, so nothing will distract from a quiet family holiday at this resort.

Kusadasi is suitable for tourists with children who choose Turkey because of the mild climate and developed infrastructure. In this region, it is almost never hot, a light refreshing wind allows you to enjoy your vacation from the first day without significant acclimatisation. The abundance of historical sights and a developed transport network are convenient for travellers who do not like to sit in one place for a long time.

Pleasant and memorable

Rest with children in Turkey will be pleasant and memorable, because local resorts have long been equipped with everything necessary to receive even the youngest tourists. The specifics of children’s recreation involve the availability of special food and a wide choice of leisure activities, and most Turkish hotels have no problems with this. Water slides, advanced animation and even theme parks are an integral part of many hotels, a pleasant climate and an abundance of beaches are not all the advantages of buying a tour to Turkey. Children should definitely spend at least a few weeks a year by the sea, and Turkish hotels will help to make sure that not only young travellers, but also their parents rest.

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