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Network monitoring solutions for enterprises are not easy to choose. Choosing solutions for their business requires IT professionals and decision-makers to consider several factors, including security, compatibility, ease of use, and (of course) budget. Typically, enterprise-grade tech solutions are seen as expensive, but is that always the case? The answer is no! If you are selecting a network monitoring solution for your business, you should consider several free and open-source options.

Here is a compiled list of the best free and open-source network monitoring tools. You can either download and install these tools for free or they are released under an open-source license. Certainly, take them into account if you want to keep costs down, but keep in mind that they may not be the best fit for your business. A lot of open-source programs require technical knowledge or developer expertise, and many free tools are slimmed-down versions of more comprehensive monitoring programs. Thus, we’ve listed some of the main features of each free and open-source solution so you know what each one specializes in.

Our Free and Open Source Network Monitoring and NOC Service Tools Buyer’s Guide contains more information about the best free network monitoring tools and vendors.

Let us seehow to monitor the network using the FREE tools–

Pandora FMS provides network monitoring services

Pandora FMS is an open-source monitoring tool for observing an organization’s entire IT infrastructure. It includes not only network monitoring capabilities, but also Windows and Unix servers and virtual interfaces. Pandora FMS includes features like ICMP polling, SNMP monitoring, network latency monitoring, and system overload monitoring for networks. Additionally, you can install agents on devices to observe factors such as device temperature and overheating, as well as for logfile occurrences.

The Paessler PRTG 100 tool provides network monitoring

There is a free version of Paessler PRTG 100, a network monitoring tool. Using PRTG’s monitoring program, you can monitor 100 devices on a single network. Monitoring features of PRTG include the ability to track data packets, network traffic, and applications. In addition to monitoring networks, it can monitor cloud environments, virtual machines, and hardware as well.

Network Monitoring provided by Prometheus

Data collection and analysis are the primary features of Prometheus, an open-source monitoring solution. Users can use the native toolset to set up network monitoring functions. Other functions include collecting information about devices using SNMP pings and examining network bandwidth usage from the standpoint of the devices.

SolarWinds Real-Time Network Bandwidth Monitoring Service

This free network bandwidth monitoring tool from SolarWinds lets you monitor your bandwidth in real-time. As soon as bandwidth usage reaches a critical level, the tool alerts your enterprise, so you will always be aware when your network is running low on bandwidth.

Monitor networks with Spiceworks tool

Spiceworks Network Monitor is one of many networking tools Spiceworks offers, including free network monitoring software. Networks and devices can be monitored in real-time using Spiceworks Network Monitor. To verify that all the nodes connected to your network are operational, you can perform ping checks.

Telerik Fiddler tools allow you to monitor networks

Telerik Fiddler is a free web and network monitor and proxy debugging program. It includes Fiddler’s web traffic monitoring and data collection capabilities and is designed specifically for HTTP and HTTPS monitoring. Debugging web traffic can also be accomplished by ensuring that the proper cookies, headers, and cache directives are being transferred.

You can monitor web traffic with the Wireshark tool

Live network data can be captured and analyzed with Wireshark, a free open-source network protocol analyzer. Even when the network is offline, users can capture and analyze data packets using Wireshark. The data captured by Wireshark can be stored in a variety of files formats that allow other tools to help interpret the network data.

The Zabbix tool monitors network traffic

Network monitoring is included in Zabbix, an open-source monitoring tool suite. By checking for devices in critical condition, it can detect network node and connection health problems. When hardware functions fail (fan speed of a network device is low) or when an SNMP check does not respond, Zabbix can alert you.

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