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In these days, quite a good number of individual is picking up head shaver in search of a smooth head. Among these, a few have specific health conditions that may influence their hair growth, while some only want a new appearance. 

No matter what the actuality might be is, you must consider their opportunities and obstacles before proceeding. 

So, go on with the text to find out the conveniences of shaving your head with a men’s head shaver and tips on how to do it safely.

Welfares of shaving your head: – 

Shaving your head isn’t so complex when you get used to it – obviously, it does have many welfares, among them – a few are given below.

  • Deal with hair loss: –

For any androgynous, hair loss is the biggest concern. Maybe you don’t like your receding hairline, thinning hair, or irregular growth pattern. Also, health conditions like alopecia areata can cause patchy hair loss.

You can endeavour topical treatments and other remedies as well. Even if you want, you can always use hair pieces, wigs, and hats. However, if you’re tired of all these, shaving your head with the head shaver for men kits will be the easiest way to go.

  • Save time: –

Shaving your head means taking less nurturing of your hair. Even though there’s no need for a comb or a blown dryer, you can take a short shower as well.

  • Save money: –

You can curtail-hair care products off from your shopping list. Shaving is usually a do-it-yourself task; however, you can perhaps have a save on the salon or barbershop, too.

  • Try a new look: –

Ignore the bad hair days. Because in time, a new look can uplift your spirits.

Judgment about baldness – changes with the times. Some 2012 research suggests that shaving men’s heads evokes their beautiful dominant features. Ladies on the other hand, in general, look more assertive when they ignore conventions about their appearance.

Except for a health concern that affects hair growth, it’s not an irreversible decision. You can always grow a new crop of hair.

Will shaving your head with a head shaver enhance the hair thickness?

Obviously not. It is a fable that persists despite credible sources contradicting scientific evidence. Shaving does not affect new growth, and neither affect the hair texture or density. 

Hair density is related to how closely the hair strands are sealed together.

Older growth frays at the edges and lightens with exposure to sunlight. Fresh-growth can be a bit darker from the first. It’s blunt, so it tends to get stuck, which creates the illusion of high density until it grows long. 

The point is that hair sprouting from your scalp has died. Whatever you do, it doesn’t influence the living follicles underneath the scalp.

It’s quite the same principle that goes with hair dye. In case you color your hair blue whether you’ve noticed it or not, the new hair growth will be in your natural color, not blue.

In case you’re shaving your head for a long time and then stop all of a sudden, you may perceive some changes to new growth. Even if you never shave your head, hair loss or graying may occur. 

A few things that may affect the hair follicle are as follows: –

• Plucking

• Waxing

• Certain chemotherapy drugs

How can your shave your head safely? 

You don’t desire to rush in your first shave, so allot yourself a lot of time.

What you’ll require

• Sufficient lights

• Hand mirror to check the back, sides, and behind your ears

• Scissors or clippers

• Head shaver with a new blade

• Shaving cream or gel

• Soft towel

Instructions: – 

In case you have long hair, cut the dodge of it before shaving. Try to get close to the scalp as possible. It will assist in using the head shavers. After that, provide your scalp with a thorough washing with warm water. 

Then try to go after these points: – 

  • Try to use shaving cream or a warm compress on your scalp for some minutes to soften the hair.
  • Make use of a sharp blade shaver. As dull blades are more prone to nicks and cuts.
  • Began shaving from the top of your head. Use gentle strokes, to move in the direction of hair growth.
  • To get rid of excessive shaving cream and hair rinse the blade after every stroke. 
  • Take care to fold your ears and move them to the side to avoid nicks.
  • By working down toward your neck shave the back of your head.
  • To make sure you haven’t missed any spots use a handheld mirror.
  • Wash your scalp with cool water.
  • Dry with a soft towel.
  • Embed moisturizer or aftershave lotion.

Even you can also employ a razor, though the outcome might not be so effective. On the contrary, it’s quick and easy since you don’t need to use shaving cream or keep rinsing the blade.

How often you should shave depends on how smooth you want your head to be and how fast your hair grows.


Whether your reason is health, practicality, or style, shaving your head for the first time with the head shaver can feel a little intimidating.

Rest assured that side effects and risks are minimal and efficiently resolved. If you have scalp issues, consult with a dermatologist for treatment.

A shaved head can be unrestricted, among other uses. In the end, the choice to shave or not comes down to personal preference.

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