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If you are switching to solar for residential purposes, you need to know what size of a solar power system will be the right fit for your home. While solar for household uses ideally rang0es between 3kW to 15kW solar panels, solar for commercial uses ranges between 20kW to 30kW solar panels. 

The size of a solar power system is nothing but the capacity of the system to deliver maximum electricity. Hence, the number of solar panels incorporated in a solar power system does not decide its size; instead, it’s the overall capacity of the system that determines its size.

As the heading of this blog implies, you must have already been notified that this is a complete guide on 6.5kW solar PV systems. So, keep reading to know everything about this residential solar product.

Overview Of Solar Systems

With the ever-rising popularity of solar PV systems, there is a heavy demand for 6.5kW solar power systems in Australia. It’s more due to a huge decline in the cost of solar energy components, considerate subsidies, and feed-in tariffs. A 6.5kW solar system is compact in size and can easily fit in any space while remaining capable to produce an adequate amount of electricity required to fuel a household. Although in many states, a 6.5kW solar PV system is enough to power an entire house, its capacity to produce electricity might vary depending upon the location and weather conditions.

Number of Panels

The number of solar panels incorporated in a 6.5kW solar PV system completely depends on the size of the solar panels. A modern-day 6.5kW solar PV system using 370-watt solar panels would require 18 panels to generate 6.5kW power. Now, talking about the space to install the system, each of these solar panels requires almost 1.8m x 1m space. Thus, an average roof space of 29m2 to 32m2 will be required to mount the solar power system.

Electricity Output

Ideally, the capacity of a solar power system to produce electricity depends on factors like location, the intensity of sunlight, and regional climate. A 6.5kW solar power system is usually expected to produce 24-kilowatt hours of electricity in a day. However, the figure might slightly vary depending on your location in Australia.

Price of 6.5kW Solar System

The 6.5kw solar system cost varies widely, depending upon the brand, quality, specifications, etc. While a solar system with cheaper quality solar components costs less, the ones comprising premium solar components generally come with a higher price tag. However, keeping the price aside, almost all 6.5kw solar PV systems guarantee a constant supply of electricity, reducing the cost of monthly energy bills.

Inverter Size For 6.5kw Solar Systems

The recommended size of an inverter for a 6.5kW solar power system is 5kW. Not because it is cheaper than a 6kW inverter. Rather, there are a few other factors for this consideration. Solar panels rarely produce the rated electricity due to wide reasons, with the temperature being the primary one. You will be amazed to know that solar panels lose almost 10% of their rated power-producing capacity on warmer days. Besides they also underperform due to the accumulation of dirt, dust, and grime on the solar panels. That said, incorporating a 5kW inverter in a 6.5kW solar panel system ensures that the inverter will mostly work at its designated performance level.

Battery Backup

Are you wondering if you need to invest in a battery backup for your 6.5kW solar power system? Although getting a battery backup for your solar power system can let you enjoy added advantages, beware of the overall cost before stepping on it. The 6.5kW solar system cost along with the battery backup cost for each solar panel might get really out of reach. However, if you feel that you can afford it, nothing can be better!

Choosing a 6.5kW Solar System

A 6.5kW solar power system is apt for installation in large domestic buildings. They generate enough power to run a large household with average energy consumption and still remain left with a good amount of unused power. When it comes to considering solar for commercial purposes, a 6.5kW solar power system can be a perfect system for setups using 25kWhs to 40kWhs of power.

Bottom Line

If you plan to install the best solar panels on your rooftop, do not step back due to the 6.5kW solar system cost. You will actually notice a good return on your investment within 5 years if you avail of a premium solar product from a top manufacturer and a reliable installer in Australia. You can compare quotes from several manufacturers and installers before making the final purchase.

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