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Everyone is depressed from the worldwide epidemic. Lockdowns after lockdowns have left the world mired in gloom and doom. A new record by Sir Elton John was published in light of these tough times in order to soothe quarantine problems and make life a little better as the dust of the epidemic settles down. The record, appropriately titled The Lockdown Sessions, was made during the lockdown period and contained a number of well-known celebrities of the time.

There are sixteen songs on the CD, ten of which have never been released before. This is Sir Elton John’s 32nd studio album, and he’s enlisting some of the best musicians in the business to perform on it. Some of the big names in the mainstream will be appearing on the album, such as Rina Sawayama and Dua Lipa. In addition to iconic rockers Eddie Vedder and Stevie Nicks, legendary musicians such as Stevie Wonder and Stevie Nicks and Gorillaz, Years & Years, and Young Thug will be taking part in The Lockdown Sessions.

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Sir Elton John never expected to record an album during the government’s lockdown. It was the exact opposite of what he had in mind. To make matters worse, he was forced to cancel his final “Farewell Yellow Brick Road” tour owing to a global pandemic, leaving him with an unclear future.

“Making an album was the last thing from my mind during the lockdown. One-off initiatives, on the other hand, continued to appear as the pandemic progressed,” explained Elton John. “I had to use Zoom to conduct some of the recording sessions remotely, which was something I had never done before. “Working with another artist, but separated by glass screens” were some of the sessions recorded under very strict safety conditions.

The Lockdown Sessions were able to come together in 18 months despite the difficulties posed by the lockdown procedures. When writing this album’s songs, it was difficult for Elton to avoid becoming lost in genres like EDM (Electronic Dance Music), country music, and hip-hop. Every tune I worked on was utterly different from anything I’m known for, things that pushed me out of comfort zone and into new terrain, and I found there was something strangely familiar about working like this,” he continued.

Sir Elton John rediscovered a part of himself by venturing into unexplored waters within the music industry. It was in the late 1960s when I began my professional music career as a session musician. The fact that I was collaborating with several artists while under lockdown brought that to mind. Once again, I found myself working as a session musician. “And it was still a blast,” the rock icon said.

“Cold Heart (PNAU Remix)” by Dua Lipa kicks off The Lockdown Sessions. The song debuted at number 81 on Billboard’s Hot 100, making it Sir Elton’s first chart appearance in over two decades and his 68th all-time list. The Lockdown Sessions, which EMI Universal first announced on September 1, would be released on Halloween.

Sir Elton John is now preparing for Copenhagen, Denmark, on his farewell tour on September 28. He also extended the tour’s conclusion date to May 2023 by adding 31 new dates and locations across the UK, the US, and Europe.

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