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Autumn and winter clothes are now here and we cannot wait to tell you about the winter fashion trends of 2022. From Chunky sweaters to leather jackets. We will look through the timeless classics that have appeared as well as new revelations.

When winter comes, it is easy to predict the clothes that men will be wearing. You know that there will be some recycled classics that we see every winter. Nonetheless, there is the occasional new item that people wear.

Simplistic designs are the common choice on this year’s winter catwalks. Nonetheless, just because they are simple does not mean they are trendy. Anyway, let’s get right into the winter fashion trends in 2022.

Chunky Sweater Season

That is right, chunky sweater season is officially upon us well, it certainly is this year. Sweaters will always return because they are easy to add another layer to your outfit. Layering is essential in winter which is why it is loved during the festive season. However, the sweaters we are wearing this season are very different from previous years.

Chunky sweaters are a throwback to the 80s/90s era and it is something that we all love. Winter trends often come and go but it seems to be back this year. If you want a tip for this winter fashion trend, we advise going with extra chunky jumpers because it seems the chunkier the jumper, the more on-trend it is.

Sweaters are the easy go-to outfit for everyman so if you don’t own a few already then you need to go shopping. If you are outside drinking, these sweaters are the perfect extra for you to socialize without worrying about being too cold.

The Good Ol Sweater Vest

Sweater vests are another trend this winter although we wouldn’t suggest you fill your wardrobe with several sweater vests. Furthermore, we would argue that these sweater vests are for the older generation. Around 50+ years and above. Nonetheless, there have been some young men that have rocked this jumper and it looked ok. If you believe you would look good then why not give it a whirl?

Sweater vests are fantastic although they are not the most stylish item of clothing. There are alternatives to this style as well, especially if you’re looking for a more stylish piece. Income the Gilets and many people are wearing these this year. These can be great for both an outdoor jacket and an indoor jacket. However, if you are wearing a sweater, jumper or gilet then we suggest you wear something long sleeve. The final point to make with a gilet is that they will be waterproof.

Big Shoulders

Big shoulders have returned to the fashion industry and this time, it is the winter trend of 2022 on the catwalks. Designing is testing the limits this year with this one, taking it back to the 80s. There have been all sorts of coats and jackets on the catwalks. Nonetheless, these wide-shoulder blazers have been the most common.  

Utility Wear

Utility wear has been a fashion trend for the last couple of years and only seems to be getting more popular. Moreover, the utility wear that you would wear in winter is far different to the garments you’d wear in summer. This time, you want to be wearing heavyweight utility jackets and these are the perfect indoor jackets.

Double-Breasted Overcoats

It is another trend that returns every year and it is easy to understand why. These coats are fantastic, warm and fashionable, which is why we see them on catwalks and in the streets every year. Moreover, these double-breasted overcoats are easy to style. If you are wanting to invest in a winter coat this year, it has to be the double-breasted overcoat.


Leather has also returned this year although we are not sure if we can get on board with this winter trend in 2022. Moreover, you require the next level of confidence when wearing leather. A leather jacket or leather bomber jacket is a common item at this time of year. Leather trousers are another common item for people to wear. If you have the confidence of Danny Zuko from Grease, you should buy one of these jackets this year.

Fur Jackets

The 90s-style fur jackets are essential, especially this year. It is just something about those stunning fur-brown jackets that gets everybody talking. It is a throwback that comes back every year so if you need a new jacket that is for indoors, you should consider buying one of these.

Winter Overshirts

Next up, we have the classic winter overshirt that has been a common winter trend for the past few years. However, the winter shirt worn in winter is very different to summer overshirts. Winter overshirts are made of thicker materials and are much heavier than summer overshirts. Nonetheless, they are designed for winter, making them the perfect piece of clothing for at night and in the morning when you are going for a nice winter stroll. A winter men’s designer overshirt is a must-have this time of year.

Chukka Boots

Chukka boots are the next and final item on this list for winter trends in 2022. We would say that there is no better boot than a chukka boot in winter and the reasons why are endless. Firstly, Chukka boots go past your ankle, keeping your feet dry from wet leaves or deep puddles. Secondly, they have a fantastic grip on them, making them perfect for when there is snow on the ground.

To Conclude

Winter trends come and go and others return every year. The trick is to buy something that is evergreen and will last you a long time. It is time to move away from those fast fashion brands and start enjoying high-quality clothing that you know you can wear the following year.

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