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Sleeve and tray boxes provide strength during shipment. Sleeve and tray boxes are made of high-quality materials. They come in different shapes and sizes to suit any need. You can use them when you ship printed materials or when you store small items, such as buttons, pins, needles, etc. The cardboard sleeves offer extra protection from the elements that could potentially damage your products during transit.

The advantage of sleeve and tray boxes lies in the strength they offer during shipment. Cardboard slipcases keep products from shifting around inside the outer box, ensuring that items arrive at their destination undamaged. If you have a sample of your product in the front of the box, it will help people buy more. They can see what is inside before they make a purchase, which will make sales go up.

Unlike other types of custom pre roll boxes that are not recyclable, sleeve and tray boxes can be recycled. It is good for the environment. You can also customize these types of cardboard shipping containers to fit your needs or preference.

sleeve boxes are comfortable with fragile items:

These boxes are good because they have a snug fit. That means that the product inside will not move around as much. It is important to put fragile items into sleeve or tray boxes before putting them in another type of box for shipping purposes. Then they have protection of two layers of cardboard and have a cushion on both sides.

Before you put your product in the shipping package, put it inside of a sleeve or tray box. The protective packaging will not cause damage to your products if they go for a drop.

sleeve boxes can package additional items:

There are many uses for these boxes and sleeves. For instance, you could store parts that need protection while not in use inside a sleeve within a larger box for longer periods of time. You could also use them as a wrapper around specific pieces of merchandise before putting them into another container for transport. The best part about these containers is that they allow you to keep additional items separate from one another while at the same time keeping them organized and accessible.

how these boxes provide strength during shipment?

Another big benefit of these boxes is that they give items a lot of strength. They can stand up to a lot of pressure and weight. These boxes are good for fragile things because they don’t break easily. When you ship them, they weigh less than other types of containers, but it doesn’t mean that they’re easy to break open.

Designing the sleeve boxes:

In addition, custom sleeve and tray boxes can have an erection from cardboard for double-sided printing purposes. You can choose any color you want on your business cards. There is no limit to the design options. For example, you might want to add an image to your card or print some information on it. We have a large collection of existing artworks ready for you to choose from. Custom Boxes have been specially designed for our customer’s needs. The light, strong and attractive design makes the custom box an ideal solution for packaging all kinds of items.

Custom sleeve boxes can be made in any shape and size

The minimum dimensions will have determined by the length of gusset required to hold your item securely. We can add more panels to the side of the end of a package to make it stronger. If you think this would help with security during shipping, then please ask us.

Sleeve and tray boxes are self-erecting:

Sleeve Shipping boxes are made up of two parts. The outside part is cardboard and the inside part is an insert with a tray in it. When you put the box together, there will be space for your product to go in it. This type of packing was originally created as a sustainable way to ship things. It uses less paper than other types where you fold or roll things up into it. But sleeve shipping boxes are made out of flat panels that run along the inside when folded together. This type of packaging is perfect for shipping heavy or large items which need extra protection during transportation.

Boxes are mainly used to ship goods in retail industry

Where there is a need to package different small items together in one compact unit the sleeve and tray boxes help in the retail industry. These boxes can reuse several times if they do not damage and remain undamaged during delivery. Usually, boxes with these types of products don’t have extra features like foam, air cushioning or bubble wrap inside. But depending on the size and weight of your product, this might be necessary. That’s why we offer a free customization service so that we can adjust the size and type of box to your requirements. If you are looking for a quick and cost-efficient way to package products that will be delivered by courier, then our sleeve boxes are just what you need – they will keep your items safe during transportation.

How these boxes utilized as gift boxes?

Sleeve boxes can also use as gift boxes where all goods need extra protection like glasses. An opened sleeve box with inner tray gives you an opportunity to use it as gift crates or gift chests which look impressive at sales stands or event shows. You can use such gift crates as giveaway souvenirs to promote your brand or product. It’s easy: assemble this type of gift crate in a few simple steps and finally put an item inside and close the box. Assemble it at home or choose ready-made boxes.

Custom made sleeve boxes are also present

Boxes with sleeves or trays are popular for packing. Sleeves protect the items inside from scratches, dirt, and moisture. Trays can offer more space to pack your items in the tuck end boxes. It is important to keep the products you sell safe by wrapping them in sleeves and top covers. There are many different sizes of trays available for this, depending on how much product you will be shipping. These trays make it easier to get your products to their destination without damage.


Sleeves and tray boxes are a popular choice for packaging. The sleeves provide protection from scratching, dirt, and moisture while the trays offer more space to pack items in the box. With sleeves, you also have the option of using top covers that protect your products during shipment or with tray boxes you can choose different size trays depending on what is the need by your product.

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