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One of the most common types of contemporary furniture is modern furniture. Drawing rooms or sofas and chairs typically has low-profile designs to draw attention to other room characteristics like art, luxurious accents, views, or other contemporary aspects. Modern furniture isn’t constrained by convention; it may complement either stark, glamorous aesthetics or wild, minimalist ones. 

There has been a considerable improvement throughout the years in the worldwide furniture sector. There will always be a need for furniture, whether it is elegant or functional. The demand for all types of furniture is increasing, including living room furniture brands, luxury brands, office furniture, bedroom furniture, and outdoor furniture.

 The fact that luxury furniture businesses will raise and your expectations might rise in terms of durability, high-quality home goods and more. Of course, most furniture stores have designed and function items in their inventory. Still, luxury brands usually take it to the next level with their larger-than-life, heirloom-worthy bargains (which last longer, too), so if you’re ready to immediately furnish the empty four-wall flat with investment-level furniture or renovate your occupied home with some of them keep reading.

 We looked at some of the most well-known brands and their customer reviews to find out which brands are most popular with consumers.

Top 12 Best Globally Recognized Furniture Brands

1. Castlery

Visit Castlery for simple furniture purchasing that emphasizes high-quality components and efficient production. Modern or contemporary home design statements are frequently made through the furniture, which is long-lasting and built to last. For example, Castlery promises you won’t object to having its products in your house for a very long time.

2. Arhaus

Arhaus furniture is neat, trendy, and utterly gorgeous. The company collaborates with craftspeople from around the world to create furniture that is as earth-friendly as possible. The oversized standout item is the Arhaus tables. You’ll want to pass on the large dining and boxy coffee tables.

3. Design Within Reach

Our best advice is to leave it to the professionals because it takes a lot of work to comprehend what makes home furnishings and decor appear excellent. Design Within Reach just so happens to be the specialists. The company sells attractive and intelligent items by fusing the creative and innovative sides of home design. There are no bulky, outmoded sofas or chairs here.

4. Article furniture

The idea for Article Furniture came from a group of engineering pals named Aamir Baig, Fraser Hall, Sam Prochazka, and Andy Prochazka. The foursome decided to open a store that supplied direct-to-consumer goods at a reduced price without sacrificing quality after seeing all the shortcomings in the furniture industry. Article beds offer solid wood and upholstered alternatives in typically mid-century or modern styles. Prices start at around $1000, and they are reasonable. The Article furniture ratings speak positively about their customer experiences, quality and shipment.

5. Eternity Modern

The design of Eternity Modern is, as you can guess, contemporary. That entails angular shapes, metals, a ton of silver and black, and acrylic. Additionally, the company always comes up with new ideas and isn’t scared to experiment with new design approaches. Eternity Modern is best recognized for its heavily tufted couch line, which includes items that resemble bubbles in some way.

6. Lulu & Georgia

Since Lulu & Georgia is based in Los Angeles, it offers the kind of carefree vibe you might anticipate from a California home brand. It belongs in a house that doesn’t mind incorporating new things into its style because it is on the trendier side of interior design.

7. Lumens

Lumens is comparable to a high-end thrift store where everything you see is gorgeous, and you don’t have to do any work. One word best describes the brand’s furniture: modern. This style may be seen in Lumens’ neat, minimalist couches, intriguing high-type seats, or abstract-shaped tables. These various styles combine and somehow look good in the same space. And it is the experimental approach to house design that Lumens supports.

8. Jonathan Adler

You may be familiar with Jonathan Adler from his guest appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show and GMA, as well as from his spectacular designs for the opulent vacation rentals at the High Line and the opulent cabanas at Dreamworks Waterpark. Maybe you’ve even been to his Soho store of the same name to figure out the creative angle behind each of his furniture creations. How did he get such customized sofa lines? Alternatively, why is this chair so sculpted? You inquired yet are still determining the response. However, you can be confident that they will look fantastic at your home since it is Jonathan Adler.

9. Williams Sonoma Home

Williams Sonoma doesn’t think that offering excellent kitchenware is enough of a selling point. It only needed to put the same effort into selling home furniture. Consider the purpose completed in that situation. With exposed natural surfaces that look timeless and crisp lines that feel slick, Williams Sonoma Home uses large textures and silhouettes to perform the heavy lifting in terms of style. A special mention for its line of handcrafted lounge furnishings found outside.

10. Maiden Home

The visual style of Maiden Home is best characterized by the adjective’s beige and balmy. The majority of its furniture components (seating’s, tables, and beds) have a warm, inviting appearance that, if it weren’t already the case, makes the bedroom seem like paradise and the living room like a bedroom. The brand’s quality, based on North Carolina crafts people’s skill and the inherent beauty of their hand-selected, sustainably produced materials, is best described as resilient and responsible.

11. Interior Define

If you furnish your house with items from Interior Define, it won’t need to develop a personality; instead, the brand’s furnishings will define your home. However, it needs your input to achieve that, which is why Interior Define allows you to customize your furniture experience and act as your personal interior designer. Therefore, even though the brand’s website and social media pages exude a cosmopolitan vibe, you’re welcome to give its furnishings your unique spin for your rustic, rural home.

12. Sundays

Imagine how your spaces should appear on a typical lovely Sunday morning: sunny, bright with natural light, welcoming, and only pleasant vibes. In light of this, Sundays—plural, as it aims to make your home resemble a Sunday every day—was created. Thanks to its furniture, any living room looks more lively and less clinical. For example, there are modern wood dining tables, boucle lounge chairs in the Mod aesthetic, and cloud-like modular sofas in various sizes.


Numerous well-known furniture brands are popular and accepted throughout the world. Several reputable furniture stores make selecting the appropriate new ottoman or couch a straightforward process if you can handle a few exhilarating hours of scrolling and searching. These stores provide lovely furniture and home decor in various styles, along with speedy (and usually free) shipping.

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