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When your old industrial equipment is no longer of use to you, what do you do with it? You could try to sell it, but that can be a difficult process. Or you could try to recycle it, but depending on the type of equipment, that might not be feasible. But there is another option: sustainable asset recovery. With this approach, you can get rid of your old equipment in a way that is environmentally friendly and doesn’t damage the planet. Read on to learn more about sustainable asset recovery and how it can work for you.

Sell your old industrial equipment

If your business is everchanging and industrial equipment also tends to change, selling it to a recycling company is a sustainable way to get rid of the old equipment. Not only does this prevent adding more waste to landfills, but it also allows the materials to be reused and repurposed. Plus, you can make some extra money in the process! Before making a deal with a recycling company, do your research and find one that adheres to environmental regulations and ethics. When reaching out and negotiating with potential buyers, be sure to provide photos and information about the condition of the equipment. Once the sale is complete, consider ways to reduce or reuse the waste in future industrial updates for an even more eco-friendly approach. With a little effort, selling your old industrial equipment can be a win-win situation for both your business and the environment.

Donate your old industrial equipment

Got some old industrial equipment take up space in your warehouse or factory? Don’t just toss it out – consider donating it to a charity or non-profit organization. These organizations often work with limited resources and might be able to put your old equipment to good use. Plus, donating can also provide tax benefits for your business. Of course, before you donate, make sure that the equipment is still functional and in good working condition. Otherwise, it could end up costing the receiving organization more money to fix it than it’s worth. You may also want to include any necessary manuals or instructional materials to ensure the safe and proper use of the equipment. Donating old industrial equipment can be a sustainable and cost-effective solution for getting rid of unwanted items. Do some research and see if there’s a local organization that could benefit from your donation. Help them achieve their goals while reducing waste – win-win!

Repair and refurbish your old industrial equipment for reuse

When it comes time to update or upgrade your industrial equipment, getting rid of the old can be a challenge. The traditional route may involve sending it off to a landfill, where it will likely sit and take up space for years to come. But there are more sustainable options available! One idea is to repair and refurbish your old equipment for reuse within your own company or even sell it on the secondary market. Not only will this save money for both you and the buyer, but it also keeps materials out of landfills and reduces the demand for a new production of those materials. Alternatively, some companies specialize in recycling old industrial equipment, either breaking down the parts for reuse or responsibly disposing of them. By being mindful of where our discarded equipment ends up, we can make a significant impact on decreasing waste in industries across the board.

Store your old industrial equipment

When it comes time to upgrade your industrial equipment, it can be tempting just to throw out the old and make room for the new. However, finding sustainable ways to dispose of or repurpose excess equipment is not only good for the environment, but it can also save you money in the long run. One solution is simply to find a place to store your old equipment until you have a use for it. This may not be possible for every business, as industrial equipment can take up a lot of space. But if you have room in your warehouse or storage facility, holding onto unused equipment can come in handy down the road. You never know when you may need spare parts or want to repurpose an old machine for a new project. You can donate or sell surplus inventory as it is another sustainable option, and it may even generate some extra income for your business. Ultimately, finding creative solutions for disposing of industrial equipment will not only benefit the environment – it could also benefit your bottom line.

Recycle your old industrial equipment for parts and materials

Getting rid of old industrial equipment can be a tricky task. Even though it’s no longer being used, it’s often made of materials that are difficult to dispose of in an eco-friendly manner. A sustainable solution is to recycle your equipment for parts or materials. This not only cuts down on waste, but it can also provide valuable resources for other industries and businesses. To start the recycling process, you can look for local companies that specialize in recycling industrial equipment. They will take care of disassembling and sorting the materials for reuse or proper disposal. If there’s any scrap metal left over, many recycling facilities have systems in place to properly handle them as well. Not only does this help protect our environment, but it also supports a circular economy by giving new life to old equipment. So next time you need to get rid of industrial equipment, consider recycling as a sustainable solution.

Dispose of your old industrial equipment

Getting rid of old industrial equipment can be a tricky task, especially when it comes to disposing of it in a way that’s sustainable and environmentally friendly. Luckily, there are a few options you can consider. One is to donate or sell the equipment if it’s still in good working condition. This not only keeps it out of the landfill but also helps another person or company reuse it. If the equipment cannot be reused, some manufacturers offer programs for recycling or proper disposal of their products. Many local municipalities also have hazardous waste disposal facilities or special events where residents can dispose of potentially dangerous materials safely and sustainably. Finally, remember to thoroughly clean the equipment before disposing of it, as any leftover substances could be harmful to the environment and pose health risks. By considering these options, you can give your old industrial equipment a new life while protecting our planet.


If you’re looking for an eco-friendly option to get rid of your company’s used industrial equipment, there are a few things you can do. You can donate it to a training facility or school, recycle the materials, or sell it to Buying Industrial Surplus. Whatever route you decide to take, make sure you’re being proactive about sustainable disposal methods for your old equipment. It benefits both the environment and future generations who will inherit our planet.

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