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Summer is a season that is loved by kids. The reason is obvious, they get a break from school and their daily routine in the form of summer vacation. During summer vacations, kids do not want to stay at home. They want to go out to have fun or take a trip to a fun place to make their vacations memorable. As a parent, you will want to make summer vacations fun for your kids by taking them on a fun trip.

Are you looking for fun places in America that are not so expensive too? Then you do not have to look farther than St. Louis. It is a beautiful city along the Mississippi River that has many fun places to visit with your family. And while you are going all out on having fun, don’t forget to book accommodation in advance. If you are going for a few days, you can look for hotel rooms that suit your budget. But if you are planning to have a long stay, then you can consider renting a furnished apartment. You can rent out one through an online site that deals in apartment rentals. These websites may be area specific. For example, you can find apartments for rent in New Orleans by clicking on it. Here is a guide about fun places to visit with your family.

Gateway arch

If you plan to visit St. Louis, then do not forget to add this monument to your to-visit list. This large monument is a place that is worth your visit. You can take pictures in front of it with your family. But if you want to have a view of the city from above, consider taking the tram to the top. Tram will take you to the top in no time. you can have a view of the cityscape from the windows.  The national park around it is a place worth visiting. Let the kids play around in nature. The museum near it is also a place that you should not miss visiting.

St. Louis Zoo

It is a place that your kids will surely like. There are around 12000 animals. You can walk around watching the animals and birds. You can also make stops to take pictures and create memories. You can also participate in programs like feeding stingrays. After walking around, you may get tired. Then you can enjoy a train ride with your kids.

City Museum

City Museum is a place where kids can have a lot of fun. It is built in a way that challenges the fighting spirit in the kids.  It is a playground built for the purpose to provide fun to the kids. This place has many things like tunnels, bridges, slides, etc. This place is designed in a way that children do not want to leave here. Be prepared to have a hard time getting them out of this place.

The Magic House

If you want your kids to brainstorm and enhance their creativity, then this is the perfect place to go. They can have multiple experiences that will improve their learning. And all of it will happen in a way that will make it entertaining for your kids to learn new things. If you want your kids to use their summer vacation time to learn new things also, take them to this place during your St. Louis visit.

St. Louis Union Station

This place used to be a railway station that is now a center to have a unique experience. It has many things catering to the taste and preferences of people of all ages. Your kids will definitely want to ride the Ferris wheel. This station has many things to offer among which the aquarium would be the kid’s favorite. They can see many fish and other sea creatures here. Other highlights of the place include a hotel, a restaurant, and a 3-D light show.

Top-golf Swing Suite

If you are tired of the summer heat and want to have fun indoors, then you can visit Top-Golf Swing Suite. You can consider it a gaming arcade where you can find many interesting games. The suite also has chairs and couches. If you want to relax while sitting down, you can use these chairs and couches. You can play different virtual games with your kids. It will become a part of your memories that you can look into in the future.

Missouri Botanical Garden

Are you a nature lover and like to be in a place full of different kinds of plants and trees? The Missouri Botanical Garden is one such place. It is not just one garden but a collection of gardens including a children’s garden. You can have a fun time while enjoying the beauty of nature. This place can also help you and your kids learn more about the types of plants and their characteristics.


If you have decided on St. Louis as your next destination for this summer vacation, make sure to arrange accommodation before setting out. If you are not comfortable staying at a hotel or renting an apartment, you can find accommodation through air bnb. You can find accommodation through it no matter how short or long your stay is.

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