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A pressure regulator automatically decreases the high inlet pressure to a steady low pressure within a system, regardless of fluctuations. In chemical plants, there is a great need to maintain better repeatability and precision for the happening of a process. Because various types of chemicals are involved in different processes. These requirements make an electronic pressure regulator a good choice for chemical plants. They are most commonly used in the refinery and chemical plants because of their accuracy and reliability. 

Both of these places require high precision and strong control over the process variables. An electronic regulator helps a lot in this regard, it regulates the precise pressure of the fluid and gases as per the need of each process. 

Let’s take a look at the following roles that electric pressure regulator plays in refineries and chemical plants:

Fired Heaters:

A fired heater includes boilers and furnaces. In fired heaters, an electronic pressure regulator serves to regulate the accurate pressure of the fuel gas. It enables the boiler and furnaces to operate on precise pressure and does not let it exceed the safe limit of the system. When a system operates on the accurate flow rate and pressure then the system performs well because it does not have to bear the extreme conditions. 


An electronic pressure controller is also compulsory for the operations of the compressor or other machinery. In an air compressor, a pressure regulator helps to deliver the right pressure that is required to run the pneumatic system or tools. A quick response is critical in these applications to prevent serious issues and potential harms while they are performing their tasks or even at the time of transient operations like pump swapping and the changing of the filter. 

Tank Blanketing:

In the storage tank, an electronic pressure regulator is widely used for the blanketing and vapour recovery processes. The tank blanketing process means applying a layer of inert gas, generally nitrogen, at the top of the tank for creating a quality product, and safety purposes. There is a great need to control the pressure. Here, an electro pneumatic regulator ensures the safety of the system and the operators by not letting pressure increase from the set value. 

Vapour Recovery:

This is the process that is performed to recover the blanketing of gas instead of wasting it. A digital pressure controller prevents the tank from being overpressured by relieving the excess blanketing gas when the tank blanket space becomes compressed. In this way, it maintains the required pressure and retains that pressure until the completion of the process. 

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Final Words:

Controlling the pressure is the most essential factor in any process so that the machinery or the tool does not rupture or break and you don’t have to bear the expensive loss. An electronic pressure regulator serves a key role in maintaining the required pressure and forms a safe working environment. Maintaining the required pressure is crucial for enhancing the efficiency and safety of the system. 

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