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Churches can accept both one-time and recurring donations from their users through the usage of online giving systems. That includes donating by text message, a church website, or an app.

Make it easy for your church members to give. Choose an online giving platform that accepts Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal.

Let church members know when you will be launching the new system. Ensure they understand what the new platform will include, how to use it, and the safety and security standards it abides by.

Increased Convenience

If your church is a newer organization that hasn’t adopted online giving, or your current system is outgrowing its capabilities, consider how easy it will be for your team and congregation to switch. Many online giving platforms are simple to navigate and require minimal IT involvement. If your church has tech-savvy members, include them in the selection and setup process to get their input.

Many online giving systems also allow for recurring donations, which are automatically paid to your church on a weekly, monthly, seasonal, or when you receive your givers’ paychecks basis. This option makes it easier for people to remember to give and helps ensure that your donation goals are always met.

The convenience of the best church online giving platforms means your congregation can donate anytime, anywhere. Whether they’re out of town, on vacation, or prefer to use their mobile device instead of your kiosk or a traditional offering plate. This way, your church doesn’t lose valuable time in service by passing the plate around each week or missing out on potential offerings.

Increased Giving

In a cashless society, church online giving platforms offer members a way to give in ways that fit their busy schedules. Whether they want to donate on the web, with a mobile app, or through text message, church online giving allows people to tithe with a method that works for them.

Additionally, online giving platforms are straightforward to use and set up. Many also allow givers to log in to save their information, making giving even faster next time. And since most church online giving apps can be automated, the donation process is virtually seamless for members.

Regardless of how your congregation gives, offering more than just a paper-based option can make a difference in the amount of donations you receive each week. However, it’s essential to carefully consider past giving patterns before deciding what type of digital giving options would be best for your church community. Take the time to analyze giving trends and find out what needs improvement. Then, you can focus on rolling out online giving with confidence.

Reduced Paperwork

Church online giving platforms allow your members to donate with any of their favorite forms of electronic money, and many churchgoers choose to set up recurring gifts. The best digital giving tools also integrate with your accounting and church management software, reducing the paperwork for you and your team when sending year-end statements to givers.

When selecting an online giving platform, consider scheduling demos and free trials with your top choices to get a feel for the features and backend software before deciding which one to launch church-wide. It’s also essential to communicate with your congregation about the changes to alleviate concerns about learning a new system or the impact on their finances.

Many of these systems are designed by faith-based companies committed to providing a wholesome product and keeping integrity at the core. They understand how important it is for churches to have modern tools while still maintaining their mission and ensuring the safety of their members.

Ultimately, the best online giving platform for your church will depend on your congregation and their needs. Make sure you research and speak with your tech team to find a solution that works for everyone. Ideally, you can schedule demos or free trials to test different options before deciding. This will help the members embrace your church’s new online giving platform and provide an enjoyable experience.

Increased Social Sharing

When you choose an online giving platform, be sure it’s capable of more than just donations. You’ll want a system that also provides an easy way to share stories about the impact of generous giving with your congregation. This is an excellent opportunity to connect and inspire faith in your audience while encouraging generosity.

Some churches hesitate to use technology for something as sacred as tithes and offerings. But many modern software companies focus on more than just payment processing, including features like connection cards, sermon notes, and Bible reading plans. Some even offer a free mobile valuable app to anyone, regardless of their church membership.

While you might have to invest in some training for your congregation, the process must be simple. Look for an online giving company that offers multiple methods of giving, including online donation pages, mobile apps, in-church kiosks, text-to-give, and check-to-scan for deposit options. This will ensure that your church can provide as much convenience for your community as possible.

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