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In addition to the emails that are entered into your contact list at any time, you can also use the reply, reply and forward functions to send messages to addresses that are not stored in your contact list. You can also set up contact groups so you can notify a large group of people at the same time. To learn configuring email in Gmail com read the article down below.

You can recreate Gmail’s Priority Inbox feature with a separate list of important and unread emails. Filter by Important and Unread Emails Multiple inboxes can be coupled to the standard inbox of Gmails. This inbox has a handy search query, and you can select a label to archive incoming messages or add an email account.

Starting of

Go to Settings > Accounts > Import and Send Email where you can add multiple email addresses. This setting allows you to compose messages in Gmail so that they are sent to your other email accounts.

Gmail downloads messages from up to five other email accounts to centralize your emails in Gmail. Once you have set up Mail, Google periodically checks your other accounts, and new emails automatically appear in Gmail. Setting up Gmail is easy for free email accounts if you want to get support for POP access, in which case POP access to the Gmail address is enabled.

IMAP Set up by changing your SMTP settings to read Gmail messages from other mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail. If you want to receive mail in another email client from your Gmail account, use POP3 instead of IMAP.


Gmail’s SMTP server allows you to send emails with your Gmail account directly from Google servers. This feature allows you to send emails from Gmail to other email clients such as Outlook or Thunderbird.

If you use other email clients such as Thunderbird or Outlook, you can use Gmail’s SMTP server details to send emails from your Gmail account. You can enter your e-mail address in Gmail, enter password completion information, and choose your preferred settings. If you want to use another email client such as Thunderbird and Outlook to send emails to your Gmail address, you must enter the correct Gmail SmTP settings.

Gear and account

To view existing aliases, click Gear in the top right corner of your former email, select Email settings and then select Account tab. By default, when sending an email to a new address, Gmail automatically adds it to your contacts. If you set the address as your primary address in Gmail, it looks like you’re sending it to another account on a time-to-message basis.

Set up your Gmail account (see Settings > Accounts > Import) and grant access by adding an account. Google’s Gmail account sorts all other email addresses and ends up with a domain name that matches yours.

Gmail lets you keep an address book of contacts as with all major email providers so that you don’t have to remember all of your email addresses. You can log in with your full Gmail email address and your Google password. Gmail also allows you to import your email account for contacts, so you can import your emails from another email account.

Google also allows you to add third-party email accounts through the Gmail mobile app which gives these accounts some of Google’s features such as spam filtering and tabbed inboxes. To set it up on your phone, click on your avatar in the app and select Add account.


In this lesson, we’ll show you how to set up your Gmail account, add and edit contacts and edit your email settings in Gmail. To create a Gmail address, you must first create a Google account. You can start creating a Gmail account in the Quick Login process, where you can choose the name of your Gmail account.

The final step is to set up Gmail to send emails that you can send from your G Suite account. To do this, you need to create a Google app that allows you to connect to the SMTP server of Gmails via the API and connect to the smtp server details.smtp.

In the pop-up window, enter the e-mail address you want to link to, and then click Link to Account > Select Gmail. The good news is that you can still use your personal Gmail account to check your work email. You can also run Gmail as a desktop email client if that’s your thing.

With a free Gmail account, you can send up to 500 emails a day, but other free SMTP servers have higher limits. If your WordPress site sends its e-mails with Gmail, there is no SMTP server.

Conversation view

To enable Conversation View, click the gear in the upper right corner of your former email, select the email settings, and then select the general tab. You can also select the option to get information sent about a secured connection, but if your email provider does not support this option, Gmail will tell you if your configuration fails. Add Holiday Replies You can set holiday replies in your Gmail settings to automatically reply to emails you have.

Turn off Conversation View Gmail organizes emails into conversations, which means that all emails have the same subject line and are stacked next to the latest message.

In the end

Every time you start a new email, Gmail places a window in the bottom right corner. To create a preserved response, simply click on the location where you created the new message and you will find the message settings icon with the three vertical buttons on the right. Email-protected is handy to filter messages in Gmail, but filters can also be considered a plus. Check out for more information.

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