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On Christmas Eve, the police officer’s non-PC outburst went viral after President Joe Biden asked, “Let’s go, Brandon,” during the NORAD Santa tracking call. Jared Schmeck Oregon Police Officer spoke to The Oregonian about the event, saying that he was kidding and that he now feels attacked for his right to free speech. Jared Schmeck Oregon Police Officer and his wife recorded a video illustrating his side of the exchange, in which he used the phrase as he sat with his son. During the call, Jill Biden was present. The White House streamed the call live on YouTube. Some Republicans use “let’s go, Brandon” to mean “screwing Joe Biden” in reference to Biden. An NBC sports reporter, Kelli Stavast, mistakenly said that the crowd was chanting the first name of a NASCAR winner when they were actually chanting to ‘screw Joe Biden.’ The White House did not comment on the event, but some Democrats and Trump supporters have criticized Schmeck on social media.

Oregon Police Officer Jared Schmeck went viral after telling President Joe Biden, “Let’s go, Brandon,” during a NORAD Santa tracking call on Christmas Eve. Schmeck spoke out against those who attacked him for exercising his 1st Amendment rights after admitting to The Oregonian that he was kidding and asked for forgiveness. A video of Schmeck and his wife was published on YouTube, in which he can be seen calling Biden an anti-Biden remark while sitting with their son. The White House recorded the live call between Biden and First Lady Jill Biden. Schmeck works for his father’s electric company and lives in Central Point, Oregon’s Rogue River Valley. He told The Oregonian, “At the end of the day, I don’t dislike Mr. Biden, but I am frustrated because I believe he can be performing more effectively.” Schmeck is the father of four children, two sons and two daughters. He listed himself as a “free-thinking American and disciple of Jesus Christ.”

I had no idea this would be live-streamed; we talked to President Joe Biden on Christmas Eve!” says the video. The caption “#letsgobrandon” has received over 300,000 views and many comments. Brandon Schmeck, along with his wife Amanda, received a phone call from President Joe Biden on Christmas Eve as part of the North American Aerospace Defense Command’s (NORAD) Santa Tracker program. The program allows government and military officials and their families to communicate with parents and children about Santa’s whereabouts on Christmas Eve. The White House released a video of Biden’s part of the conversation, which has received over 300,000 views and many comments on social media.

After serving on the police for six years, Jared Schmeck resigned from the Medford Police Department in Oregon in 2018. He declined to give a reason for his resignation, and it has not been made public.

On a previous LinkedIn page, Jared Schmeck identified himself as a police officer with the Medford Police Department in Oregon. Schmeck is reportedly no longer a police officer, according to The Oregonian. He served as an officer for the Medford Police Department for six years until retiring in 2018, the newspaper said.

Schmeck reportedly declined to answer questions about his decision to leave the police force, according to The Oregonian. Schmeck’s reason for leaving the Medford Police Department has not been disclosed, and no reports on the viral incident or Schmeck’s past have included this information.

The Medford, Oregon, police department has not commented on the unexpected fame of its former employee, nor have they responded to the numerous messages on social media about the trending video. We are frequently mentioned in messages meant for other departments, but the Medford, Massachusetts, police department addressed the issue by tweeting, “Just a polite reminder that this is the Medford, Massachusetts Police Department’s Twitter account.” This account is not continuously monitored. In case of emergency, dial 911.

Schmeck claimed to the Oregonian that he is not a “Trumper,” yet he appeared wearing a MAGA hat on the podcast of former Trump adviser Steve Bannon and declared that “Donald Trump is my president” and that “the election was 100% stolen.”

While Schmeck told The Oregonian in the hours that followed that he is not a “Trumper,”

He appeared in a “Make America Great Again” hat and expressed his support for the former President on former Trump adviser Steve Bannon’s podcast on December 27 after the video call.

Schmeck declared, “The election was entirely stolen.” I wanted to make things more clear. More than just Screw Joe Biden is at stake in “Let’s Go, Brandon.” Our displeasure with Joe Biden, the government, the leftist mob, the cancel culture, and the mainstream media—those who created this phenomenon—is encapsulated in the song “Let’s Go Brandon.” And perhaps this will amuse us conservatives. However, terrible things are taking place. Schmeck listed a number of issues that Biden and Democrats had, including the withdrawal from Afghanistan, supply-chain problems, inflation, abortion, the state of the border, and government vaccine mandates.

Information on Jared Schmeck

Some people just can’t help making themselves look foolish. We are aware that we have engaged in it on occasion. However, it’s not often that someone receives the kind of attention that Jared from Oregon did when he told the President of the United States, “Let’s Go, Brandon,” at the end of their phone chat. Sadly, he made the decision based on a live Santa Tracker broadcast from the White House on Christmas Eve.

The majority of the conversation was pleasant, humorous, and joyful. He seemed like a kind guy. The Twitter embed above demonstrates that it was short-lived. The full video may be viewed on Jared’s YouTube channel.

In the city of Medford, Jared was a police officer. In 2018, he left without giving a reason. Schmeck’s current occupation is unknown; however his father expects him to work as an electrician.

Before anybody could feel sorry for him, he said that if he could go back in time, he would tell the Bidens to screw them all over again. He’s become a social media celebrity and is quickly overtaking Kyle Rittenhouse as the front-runner for the radical right. All of this was about Oregon police officer Jared Schmeck.

The President, the Democratic House, and the Democratic Senate granted roughly $12,000 in tax advantages to Jared Schmeck, an Oregon police officer, for his four children. It’s like to biting the hand that provides you with food.

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