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What comes to your mind when you think of bun?

Well, it’s not the actual bun or bread that we eat regularly.

If you’re new to learning this language then you must be wondering what exactly bun means, how it works, and how it is similar to and differ from Golang to what extent.

There has been a lot of buzz about the bun.

Let’s dive deeper into to look at what exactly Bun means, how it works, and what the differences and similarities among the same.

So, Let’s get started.

What is Bun?

Bun is known to be a new and Young project to take the place of node.js. It is a blazingly fast all-in-one javascript runtime with Graphs and sciences & everything in between.

Bun is also known to be the Greatest thing that has happened in the overall history of javascript in a long period. The coming of javascript itself seemed to be very much revolutionary in the field of Java. Bun is primarily known for its high-speed function and how it’s been challenging for the existing node. Things are always changing in the Bun because of its speed.

After seeing the bun’s hype that it is so popular & also fresh in its field as well.

In short, Bun is the runtime environment of javascript.

How Does Bun Work?

Bun was primarily designed to work on a few central principles which are as follows. Some of them are mentioned below.


It was primarily designed to run faster than Deno and node.js comparatively. Bun is faster server-side than Deno and node.js and significantly faster than its use of the javascript core of V8.

Although the use of buns in APIs and zig has been a turning point as a whole. It simultaneously works 2 times faster than deno and node.js etc.


The second most prominent factor is that batteries are included. Actually, the bun is not just the javascript runtime executive but contains much more things in that such as a typescript transpiler, a test runner, a template builder, an environment variable loader, and more, etc. Bun’s this functions are very much performance and productivity-oriented tools. Thus, it is designed this way to run quicker than most of the other alternatives.


The last but not the least and final factor is that Bun is primarily designed to be non-compatible. This feature is said to be the most helpful and prominent feature because it allows node.js to access vast ecosystems. Thus, This is the overall functioning and working of Bun.

What are the pros and cons of using Bun?

In this section, you’ll find some advantages and Disadvantages of using Bun are mentioned.


  • The Developer has witnessed Bun as one of the biggest achievements in the overall development within the whole field of server-side Java development. On the other hand, Bun is considered to be the other best competitor of the Golang programming language. Thus, it remarks a great prospect on the overall functioning and featuring of the bun.
  • You can simply run the transcripts and it will eventually work right out of the box. In a bun, there’s no need for transpiling or any other intermediate steps as well. Hence, Bun supports the transcripts which are eventually hard on many reports and large projects as well.
  • One of the other advantages of using Bun is not only in the runtime but also in node.js tool replacement. As the bun has an in-build transpiler, package manager, and builder as well. They work fast & well. You don’t need to install any inbuild or any other support system.
  • The main reason is that it provides a high-performance improvement. In the case of Bun, it generally rocks. Although it is also found useful when it comes to speed and giving productivity at all. Most of the time, there are Zig languages that help to get it to function in most of the times.


  • The other side of disadvantage is that there is a lack of information in this field. There’s no steady and solid information available in this field for beginners to learn and understand as well. You can simply join the discord to know more about this field.
  • There are sometimes moments that emerge when the scope of the project becomes high. A high project level will simultaneously lead to higher efforts at the production level.

Why do developers use Bun?

There are multiple reasons for using the buns. Bun is prone to be experimental.

There is an abundance of full-stack developers who use Bun for multiple projects and other purposes.

The basic and primary agenda of a full-stack developer is to run the javascript’s core function and work on its all performances as well.

Hence, the main objective of a full-stack developer is to bring out the best productivity, and performance level with its optimum speed as well.

What do you mean by Golang?

Golang is an open-source programming language. There are many software developers who use Go for operating systems and give a framework to develop web applications, cloud-native developments, networking services, and other types of services as well.

Go was prepared by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson in 2007.

Simultaneously it becomes a language that battle-tested programming behind some of the world’s most important cloud-based projects and client works.

Is Golang better than Bun?

Bun is still a very new project with respect to javascript. It’s still moving fast and still, nobody can say if there’ll be any other competitor of the bun as of now. You can always hire golang developers in order to get such understanding inserted in your head.

Comparatively, to Golang, It’s still golang that is above the bun. In fact, Nun is still not popularly known in many workplaces.

A simple Wrap-Up!

To conclude the whole blog post, we have witnessed the overall hype of Bun and its relation with golang.

Bun is constantly moving, changing, and an experimental project.

The overall productivity and performance of the bun are undoubtedly and unflinchingly eye-catchable and it has got some other great features as well.

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