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Facebook has 2.93 billion active users every month. A heterogeneous audience made up of users with different interests, lifestyles and consumption habits and who can represent potential customers for your business. The question that may arise spontaneously is: “How can I identify the real users interested in my business in such a large audience?”.

The 7 best strategies to increase followers

Below we reveal the 7 best strategies to increase the number of likes on your Facebook Page, increase your fan base and your online visibility.

Develop a marketing strategy

Define your goals, identify your competitors, see what they do and “get inspired by the best”

Complete your Page in a professional manner

The Facebook Page represents your business card, how you present yourself to your potential customers can say a lot about you and your company. For this reason, it is essential to take care of the profile and cover image (respect the dimensions and avoid uploading files that are too small!). Also pay attention to the descriptions of the different fields in the information section.

Make your page easily discoverable and invite users to follow you

Choose a simple, clear, easy to memorize and communicate name, but above all that is easily traceable to your brand. Create a name for your Page, which allows you to customize the URL so people can find you quickly. Find out among the users who interact with your content who hasn’t left their like yet. Make sure that in the signature of your work email and that of your collaborators, on the company website and in all the institutional communication tools you use, there are links to your company’s social profiles (and that they are functional!). Integrate online and offline communication as much as possible, creating synergy between the different types of campaigns. Put your social media icons on all your printed material,

Remember that you are looking for greater visibility and new followers, this is not the time to go unnoticed!

Take care of the content you share

Quality is more important than quantity. When drawing up a content strategy, remember that social networks tend to emphasize and give greater visibility to authentic content. Choosing the tone of voice with which to address your audience is essential: don’t be too self-referential and try to give your audience what they expect and really need;

Respect the planning

Program your editorial plan in advance, in order to work in an organized way and with constant content management. Always monitor Page insights to understand which content works the most and in which time slots the public reacts best;

Facebook ads

Paid ads are a key element in increasing the number of likes on your Facebook Page. Define your goals to understand which metrics you will need to monitor to measure your performance. Take advantage of the different campaign objectives that the Facebook ads platform makes available to you and run tests to understand which advertisement is more effective;

Study the data and learn

Study your followers and analyze which posts have performed best and study the time when your followers are most active. These are just some of the main data that can be useful for understanding how to optimize your presence on Facebook and achieve your goals.

Increasing the likes of your Facebook page is not an act of vanity that you can do for your business, but on the contrary, it represents an important opportunity to increase the visibility of your business, increase social proof of new contacts and to reach new growth goals for your brand.

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