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There are times of the year, such as winter, when our skin requires more specific care in order to protect it and guarantee good hydration. The cold added to the sudden changes in temperature that we experience in the winter months affect our skin causing the appearance of dryness, cracking, redness, tightness, etc. If we want to minimize these effects, it is necessary to follow a routine of basic care to keep it looking good. Find out in the following how to protect your skin from the cold

Steps to follow:

1. Contrary to what we may believe, dehydration of the skin is a very frequent alteration in the winter months. The cold slows the cell renewal process and also weakens the skin’s natural protective barrier, making it dry and more sensitive. The face is one of the parts that suffers the most, since it is directly exposed to low temperatures and to protect the skin of the face from the cold, it is essential to take care of it in a special way:

  • Clean your face twice a day, in the morning and at night.
  • Use a mild facial cleanser indicated for sensitive skin and avoid products that contain alcohol, as they accentuate the dryness of the skin.
  • Use a moisturizer that is suitable for your skin type and has a high sun protection factor.
  • Apply a cream that is more nutritious and dense every night.
  • Avoid rinsing with hot or cold water, the ideal is to always clean with warm water.

2. In the task of protecting the skin of the face from the cold, we must not forget the hydration of two areas as sensitive as the lips and the eye contour.

To combat dryness and the appearance of cracks on the lips, it is necessary to moisturize and hydrate them daily with petroleum jelly or a good regenerating lip balm.

For its part, apply a specific moisturizer for the eye contour, it will help you maintain a more luminous and beautiful look at this time of year.

3. The hands also require special attention in winter, since it is very common for the skin to dry out and even small wounds. In addition to protecting them with gloves, apply a hand cream several times a day to keep them well hydrated and looking flawless.

4. Although the skin of the rest of the body is more sheltered in winter, it also suffers and is affected by inclement weather in the cold months. It is convenient to protect it by applying a moisturizing body cream after showering and focus on those parts that are most dry and irritated, such as the elbows and knees.

5. Likewise, it is not good to abuse hot water baths in winter because they damage the tissues of the dermis and do not promote circulation. As far as possible, try to avoid sudden changes in temperature, since the continuous passage from cold to heat or vice versa causes the appearance of redness on the skin, negatively affecting its natural state.

6. In addition to protecting the skin from the cold through good hydration and other techniques, taking care of our diet is essential to ensure a more vital and radiant appearance. Incorporate foods rich in vitamin A and C into your diet to show off a more beautiful and youthful skin.

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