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Have you ever noticed how differently hair behaves during different seasons? During summers with extraordinary heat, your hair is often dull, dry, and lifeless. Sweating could be an action to chill down your body and have necessary blood circulation but if you don’t wash your hair keep it sweaty day after day, the build-up will turn your hair and scalp greasy and sticky. Hair follicles get blocked because of build-up, and they must breathe so, it’s advised to keep the scalp fresh and clean. Today we will discuss How Sweat Affects Your Hair.

How Sweat Affects Your Hair?

Sweating is an extremely common phenomenon that is prevalent in people of all ages. It is from a hot and humid climate or some physical activities that drive to release heat from the body. All in all, sweating may be a normal body process that helps regulate your blood heat. However, once you sweat excessively, it is a matter of grave concern and might need special attention.

How Sweat Affects Your Hair is if you permit the sweat in your hair to dry after any activity, this is often when damage can occur. Sweat can dry on your scalp and potentially clog your hair follicles because it can mix with bacteria and irritate or damage your scalp. The high salt content may also impact your hair color if it’s been dyed. Wet hair is additionally more liable to breakage. Not only can it cause dirty hair, dandruff, and itching, it can make your scalp seem extremely shiny and oily.

Washing the hair is a personal hygiene choice. With the market flooding with dry shampoo and other alternatives, regular hair washing is out of the equation. People refrain from washing their hair thanks to much as it is time and money-consuming. On the opposite hand, too frequent hair washing decisions may damage hair or have greasier hair as the activating glands will work overtime. Not shampooing hair can cause grime, itchiness, smelly, infections, or stubborn dandruff. Herbal shampoos don’t have any traces of chemicals and every ingredient is derived from nature itself. Sulphate-free shampoos are mild on the scalp and strands, yet cleanse it thoroughly and relieve several hair problems.

Keep scalp bacteria and infections free through natural Indian herbs, either neem oil or neem powder which are highly effective for fungal infections because of their antibacterial properties. Thus, it’ll keep bacteria attacking the scalp trapped so no, the reason behind build-ups easily. It’s one of the major vital components of Ayurveda with qualities not just for healing but also for purifying because the neem could be a wonder herb naturally curing several bacterial infections.

Importance of washing hair when sweat is ruling on your scalp

The scalp can be a hot box sometimes, giving off steam, sweating, drenching the hair strands, and depositing salt particles from the body itself. Here is the importance of washing hair.

 • Basic hair care hygiene- shampoo removes all the pollutants and dirt to reveal a squeaky clean scalp but it also removes the hair products like gel, dry shampoo, setting spray, and lots more. These substances deposit on the strands and make them sticky.

 • Better base for the styling of hair after washing- using the right shampoo for your hair type gives a pleasant ground for conducting hair styling.

 • Health of the scalp is very important for the health of hair- a healthy scalp means healthy hair growth. Scrap out or scrub with a hair decent coffee scrub and let the dead cells clear the way for follicles to breathe and do their job.

The organic and natural traits of Indalo’s white tea aloe vera shampoo are prominent due to all the natural ingredients and are bound to be the best in the organic hair care products market. It’s amazing to witness something completely natural and to utilize the wonderful benefits of white tea in a very organic way from nature’s excellency. Indalo is the first firm to manufacture White tea shampoo in the land of India with a mix of aloe for more nutritious properties.

White tea aloe vera shampoo

It is a natural hair care shampoo rooted in the majority of natural indian herbs such as Aloe vera, White Tea, Licorice, and Blue Berries. It is a sulphate-free, and Paraben-free shampoo that benefits in maintaining volume, strength, and wholesome hair. Work the shampoo into your roots only and not the tips of your hair. It will rough out the strands. Essentially it’s for greasy hair but to avail of white tea benefits, you may give it a try. It also comes with the white tea conditioner which can nourish your locks completely from within and provides you with a flawless look.

 So, why are you delaying the sweaty scalp to build up on your roots? Head over to Indalo’s now and claim the herbal way of washing your hair! 

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