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How old is Antonio in Encanto? Antonio Madrigal, a 5-year-old with animal communication abilities, is one of the family members featured in the musical fantasy Encanto. For more information on Encanto Antonio, check this article.

Who is Antonio?

In Disney’s 2021 animated picture Encanto, Antonio Madrigal plays a significant role as the youngest member of the Madrigal family. He is Dolores and Camilo’s younger brother and the youngest child of Pepa and Félix Madrigal. Antonio has the special ability to communicate with animals, and has a strong bond with Parce, Pico and Chispi.

Encanto Cast Antonio

The musical dream included Five-year-old Antonio having the supernatural capacity to interact with animals. Antonio Madrigal is one of the two tritagonists in Disney’s 2021 animated blockbuster Encanto. Being the youngest Madrigal, he can communicate with animals because of his talent.

Dark skin, dark brown eyes, and wavy black hair describe the 5-year-old youngster named Antonio. He is wearing an orange sleeveless vest over an orange long-sleeved shirt with yellow and light orange stripes and a red scarf. Along with brown slacks, he is sporting dark beige and orange sneakers. As a representation of his gift, Antonio’s vest has various animals sewn. At his gift-giving ceremony, he wears white clothing similar to his ordinary attire but a white vest in place of the traditional scarf.

In Encanto, how old is Antonio?

The 5-year-old Madrigal family member Antonio can communicate with animals and has acquired this specific magical talent so he could help and save animals in the town of Encanto. He finally learns a very important secret but is still too young to tell anyone about it. Antonio adores all plush animals, his cousin Mirabel, his uncle Bruno, and his sister. The crowds, risk, Mirabel’s incapacity for magic, losing his gift, and Parce, his Jaguar, wanting to devour the rats are all things he despises.

In Encanto, who plays Antonio?

Ravi Cabot-Conyers, who provides the voice of Antonio Madrigal, has a vast list of credits, including roles in Tell Me a Story, The Resident, and numerous episodes of #BlackAF. Ravi was born in February 2011 and is of mixed heritage. His father is Charles Conyers, a producer, director, and writer. His mother, American actress Christina Cabot, is also well-known. Ravi started his career in acting at the age of 4. His first TV appearance was on NBC’s renowned Saturday Night Live programme.


Antonio, the newest member of the Madrigal family, is the younger brother of Dolores and Camilo. He is the youngest child of Pepa and Felix, and the cousin of Isabela, Luisa, and Mirabel. His abuela Alma never placed expectations or pressure on Antonio’s shoulders like other family members did because he was too young and didn’t yet have a gift. Antonio was never able to meet Bruno and has no recollection of him because he was the youngest member of The Madrigals and was born after his uncle left the family.

Before his gift ceremony, he shares a nursery with Mirabel because his cousin was never given a magical gift. Antonio so highly regards Mirabel that he treats her like a big sister. Being able to communicate with and understand non-human creatures sets Antonio apart from the other members of the Madrigal family. These animals, which include capybaras like Chispi, toucans like Pico, hummingbirds, coatis, a tapir, and a jaguar named Parce, all work with Antonio to help him. He can tell Parce not to eat the rats because they can help him, or he can keep other creatures in check and safe.


Antonio is the youngest person in his family. He is incredibly innocent and lovely. He genuinely cares about his family and will do anything to support them. For example, he volunteered to let his estranged uncle Bruno—whom he had never met before—use his room so he might have a vision to help him and Mirabel figure out how to keep their family’s magic alive. Antonio is close with his elder cousin Mirabel and admires her for her strength. He also wishes she had a magical talent because he understands how difficult it must be for her to be the only relative without such a skill. Because of his intense sympathy for his cousin, Antonio gains the respect of Bruno’s rats, who tell him about the whereabouts and plight of his uncle and cousin. Aside from his family, Antonio is very introverted and finds it difficult to be around other people. He finds engaging with people on stage very difficult and prefers to stick to his family and animal companions. However, when members of his family were anxious, Antonio would go to help them. For instance, he escorted Mirabel to the freshly constructed Casa Madrigal so she could install a new doorknob on the front entrance. He handed Bruno his pet jaguar doll to ease his anxiety before he did his vision.

Physical attributes

A five-year-old boy named Antonio has dark skin and curling black hair. He is dressed in a red scarf, an orange sleeveless vest, and a long-sleeved shirt with yellow and light orange stripes. He is wearing dark beige and orange sneakers with brown slacks. Antonio’s vest has several animals stitched as a symbol of his gift. He wears white clothing during his gift-giving ritual, following tradition, but a white vest in place of a scarf.

Strengths and skills

Antonio can talk to animals. He forges trusting and close relationships with them, which allows him to rely on them for assistance and companionship. He can also deter bad conduct, like when he forbade Parce from eating his Uncle Bruno’s rats. However, Antonio is completely powerless over the creatures he converses with.

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