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The Tourism and Commerce Marketing of Dubai, through its Department of Economic Development (DED) has signed a contract with the Gold-Key-Global GKGG Company to market tourism in Dubai.

With this Dubai trade license you can be an official travel facilitator for any tourist board or commerce department. After some months working as a representative for different countries you will have some clients who are interested on your work. This will be the perfect opportunity to develop your own project with them for t tourism marketing.

Learn more about the opportunities offered by the DED licensing program at their website

The tourism business is not very easy but it’s possible to build successful business just by having good strategies and good presentation skills that please customers. Often Tour Operators are looking for opportunities in their own country or any other country to help with tourism. At we have the best business ideas that you can use to start your tourism business.

Dubai Economic Department is part of the Dubai Government executive department, responsible for leading Dubai’s economy and investment policy, including the attraction of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

The Department is also charged with managing some public services such as economic analysis & forecasts, business development services and trade development. This article will provide an insight on some of the key activities that are undertaken by Tourism & Commerce Marketing divisions at DED who handle all aspects of tourism marketing in Dubai.

Tourism & Commerce Marketing

Tourism & Commerce Marketing divisions at DED work very hard to brand Dubai as a world -class destination and they handle all aspects of tourism marketing in Dubai , including: management and operation of an information center at the airport, running campaigns on TV and print media like Time Out magazine , The National newspaper and others, organizing press conferences and participating in international exhibitions such as ITB Berlin.

World Travel Market (WTM) London, Arabian Travel Market (ATM) Abu Dhabi. Tourism & Commerce Marketing divisions at DED work together with Dubai’s official tourism bodies like Emirates Airlines, TECOM Group (Dubai Internet City), Department Of Tourism & Commerce Marketing (DTCM) and Dubai Tourism etc.

Based on statistics provided by DED, there are more than 70 licensed Tour Operators in Dubai that are operating about 60 tour packages to over 100 destinations around the world. Some of these tour operations are international companies that have offices in various countries while others are local travel agencies with limited experience in tourism.

Many hoteliers complain about lack of professionalism among some of these travel companies since they do not always comply with set standards. This leads to multiple problems, including dissatisfied clients who sometimes demand refunds or refuse to pay for services already rendered.

Dubai Economic Department

We are thankful to Dubai Economic Department for providing this information. We also want to thank all the tour operators who were involved in this article. Please leave a comment or share with your friends to help promote Dubai. Thanks!

The UAE attracts over 14 million tourists every year, according to the World Tourism Organization’s 2012 report. Visitors mainly consist of European and GCC nationals travelling across the country for leisure purposes.

Dubai’s big shopping malls and its many department stores make it one of the world’s major shopping destinations. Clothing, jewelers and other expensive items are available at competitive prices. The Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF), held annually and featuring special promotions and discounted prices on a variety of goods attracts shoppers from around the world.

During DSF, shops open throughout the city for extended hours to accommodate those who wish to take advantage of the offers available during this time. For visitors, DSF is an opportunity to purchase gifts not found elsewhere in the region such as perfume, chocolates and liquor.

Many of which are a good source for Dubai jobs. For example, if you are looking for a dentist in Dubai , you can find 5 listings about dentists from different clinics who offer their services in Dubai UAE.  We have been receiving emails from our visitors asking us how they can accept online payments when they sell items online in Dubai. This article will briefly explain how local banks help with this process.

Affordable and Luxurious Shopping Experience

Dubai is a shopper’s paradise as it offers an affordable and luxurious shopping experience to people of all nationalities. The city has some of the best malls in the world with high quality merchandise, numerous fashion boutiques and supermarkets that offer.

The UAE attracts over 14 million tourists every year, according to the World Tourism Organization’s 2012 report. Visitors mainly consist of European and GCC nationals travelling across the country for leisure purposes.

It might sound incredible to those who have not been to Dubai, but the city actually has a serious problem with its underground water network and it is going from bad to worse as time goes on.

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