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It is perfectly normal for an adult to picture a teenager whenever the thought of orthodontic braces enters their mind. However, it is not enough to wonder if braces are just for teenagers or adults as well. Is it possible that someone can be too old for braces?

In answer to that, no. One can never be too old to get orthodontic treatment through braces. In fact, statistics have shown that about 1 in every 4 adults is looking to correct their dental impairment and improve their oral health through braces. We understand that you may have serious concerns about braces and how they work?

How do braces work?

All orthodontic tools used for treatment, work by applying gentle pressure on the teeth. This gentle but controlled and consistent pressure presses down on the tooth root, thereby causing the alveolar bone to dissolve and allowing the teeth to move in the desired direction. New bones are formed in their new position when the tooth moves, preventing the teeth from moving back to their previous location.

When the teeth have moved to the new position it is meant to be in; the newly formed bones are given time to lock in their new position through the help of retainers. It is the retainers that help the teeth remain in their new position.

Why do adults need braces?

It has been established that braces and other orthodontic treatments are not only for children or teenagers. It is suitable all ages condidate, and this is why it has become quite popular for adults.

There are different reasons why adults seek to get orthodontic treatment for their misaligned teeth, and they include the following:

  • Great reduction of dental issues: other dental problems can arise when you have misaligned teeth or an incorrect bite. Some of the problems that may arise due to this problem are dental plaque, tooth decay and even tooth loss. All this stems from the fact that regular brushing and flossing is a huge problem.
  • Financial Ability: as an adult, you can afford some degree of dental or orthodontic treatment. This is opposed to the case where some children required orthodontic treatment, but the parents’ financial option was a problem.
  • Improvement in appearance and smile: there is the problem of self-confidence when you have a crooked or misaligned smile. With orthodontic treatment like braces, such problems are eradicated, and your confidence is boosted.
  • Reduction of health issues: besides the fact that misaligned teeth lead to other dental problems, there is also a link between crooked or misaligned teeth and general health problems. For example, neck pain, chronic headaches and ear pain can be attributed to biting problems.
  • Failed previous orthodontic treatment: it is common in children and some teenagers not to wear retainers after an orthodontic treatment through braces. This causes the teeth to shift back to the previous wrong position. As an adult, you know that you would have to wear retainers after orthodontic treatment, so treatment this time would be permanent.

What are the benefits attached to orthodontic treatments?

A lot of people seem to think that the only benefit attached to orthodontic treatment is an improved smile. However, there are other benefits derived from treatment through braces or other orthodontic treatment, and they include:

  • Reduction of bad breath: it is easier for bacteria to build up in the mouth when it is not properly brushed or cleaned. This is what happens when a person has misaligned teeth. The build-up of plaque and bacteria leads to bad breath. It becomes easier to clean the teeth when this issue is corrected and bad breath is eliminated.
  • Improvement of digestion: it can be difficult to chew properly when your teeth are not properly aligned. Even if you try, the food will not be masticated entirely before it is swallowed, making it difficult for the stomach to break down and digest them. Fixing your misaligned teeth through orthodontic treatment like braces will make digestion easier.
  • Reduction of oral risks: misaligned, crowded or gapped teeth also contribute to other oral issues besides bad breath. They lead to problems like gum disease, tooth decay and tooth loss. When your bite is corrected, the chances of these oral issues will be greatly reduced.
  • Saving money on dental issues: although people tend to see braces as an expensive treatment option, it is actually saving you a lot of money and time. If left untreated, misaligned, crooked, overcrowded and gapped teeth can cause you more problems in the long run. In the end, you may end up losing a tooth or more.

What are the challenges of getting adult braces?

Orthodontic treatment is much easier in children and teenagers because their jaws are still growing. This is the challenge faced when getting orthodontic treatment as an adult because the lifetime of dental work and the fact that the jaw has stopped growing will make it difficult for the teeth to be moved. The adult will have to undergo oral surgery to achieve the desired result in some cases. The jaw not growing anymore can also make treatment slower, meaning that it would take a longer time than it ordinarily would in the case of a child or a teen.

Choosing the right type of braces

You will have to speak with your dentist and orthodontists when you decide to get orthodontic treatment. Besides helping you get cheap Invisalign braces in London or any other orthodontic treatment type, they will help you make the right choice or treatment. They will help you determine if clear aligners will be best suited for your case or traditional braces.

Clear aligners

One of the most famous types of clear aligners is Invisalign. Invisalign is a series of clear, plastic, removable braces that fit over your teeth and gently push them to their desired position. The fact that they are removable makes them a popular choice because it allows you to eat, drink, brush and floss without worries. They are, however, perfect for minor to moderate alignment cases and not efficient against major cases like extreme misalignment or for teeth that are too short.

Traditional metal braces

This type of braces comes to mind whenever most people think about orthodontic treatment. They are the type of braces that have brackets and wires adjusted by the orthodontist weekly or bi-weekly as they push the teeth to a new position. While most traditional braces are metal, you can also go for ceramic braces or lingual braces. The only downside with traditional braces is that food particles are most likely to get stuck between the wires. Additionally, brushing and flossing can be quite difficult with traditional metal braces.

You can never be too old to have your misaligned teeth corrected using braces or other orthodontic treatment options despite your age. Find out about orthodontic treatment and the one that best suits you by contacting us at Adult Braces London.

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