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As the landscape of online platforms is continuously changing, it has become significantly important for financial traders and investors to find a trading platform that meets their needs and offers a user-friendly interface with plenty of powerful features. The Arbitrage Genius brokerage platform is an industry-leading online platform that has become a staple in the investment world. Now, the Arbitrage Genius WebTrader platform is used by traders and investors around the globe. So, what makes this trading platform so attractive and why should you open your trading account with this broker? Let’s find out

Trade From Any Web Browser

The WebTrader platform of Arbitrage Genius provides its clients with numerous flexible and useful tools and services. This is why millions of traders and investors are now using the WebTrader platform to trade currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and commodities through CFDs. If you are a complete beginner trader, then this innovative trading platform will guide you in every step of your trading journey. Not only beginners but also experienced traders will enjoy this trading platform for its sophisticated tools and features. Some of the key features that this trading platform offers are rapid execution of transactions, innovative trading tools, useful charts including technical indicators, multiple timeframes, drawing tools, and ultra-tight spreads. 

Use the Arbitrage Genius Mobile App and Stay on Top of the Financial Markets

Many traders around the globe prefer to trade through their phones or tablets. It’s easy to carry a phone anywhere and stay updated rather than sitting all the time in front of your desktop. This is why Arbitrage Genius has developed an innovative mobile app that will help you become a financial superpower. By using the mobile app, you will not only have instant access to the financial markets from anywhere around the globe but also can benefit from the advanced interface and numerous online trading tools, including an economic calendar, daily market analysis, and SMS services. Most importantly, you will have access to plenty of research tools through which you can research the market and identify profit-making opportunities. More and more number of traders are now using their smartphones to access the Arbitrage Genius WebTrader platform and have live access to the financial markets because of its convenience. So, start trading with WebTrader Android and enjoy the user-friendly interface and various latest trading tools.

Why Choose Arbitrage Genius?

The advanced WebTrader platform is not the only reason for choosing Arbitrage Genius. In fact, there are several crucial advantages of trading with this brokerage agency. First of all, this agency promises to offer the best possible support services for its clients. The trading conditions that this organization offers are pretty much user-friendly. You can trade a long list of financial assets on a CFD basis. You can also pick your account type from five distinct available options. Above all, every client of this financial hub will get a personal account manager to manage his or her trading activities. So, don’t waste your time. Join Arbitrage Genius now and enjoy an incredible trading journey. 

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