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The idea of an online whiteboard emerged when teams started working remotely. Remote work is trending nowadays, and most businesses hire people to whiteboard online and provide them with a place where they can work digitally.

The major purpose of online whiteboard is to create a group where people working remotely can share their thoughts, ideas, presentations, and plans and teach in a better and more engaging way.

There are different whiteboard tools like Allo, MioCreate , Bluescape, Conceptboard, Collaboard, Deon, Lucidspark, Microsoft Whiteboard, Miro, Mural, and Stormboard, but it is challenging for one to choose the best of them. In this article, we will discuss MioCreate , a great tool to boost your team’s workflow.

What Is Miocreate ?

MioCreate Whiteboard Online Free is one of the most commonly used and effective tools that allows you to share your thoughts with a group of people connected together from diverse locations. A person shares his content and ideas at a time, and other people listen to him and view his drawings, text screen, and other stuff. He can post a question, and others can answer it immediately, providing real-time productivity.

How To Use MioCreate

First of all, you should have to create an account on MioCreate using their website. They simply go to the “Whiteboards” tab from the menu. Here you can select a whiteboard of your choice. Then click on “Add Members” to add different members to the meeting.

If you are creating a project, you have to provide its name and a short description. Another beauty of MioCreate is that you can edit your project or whiteboard at any time, as well as add or remove people. You can share your project with up to 50 members at a time.

Features Of MioCreate Whiteboard Online Free

There are a lot of benefits to using the MioCreate Whiteboard Online Fre, like its good canvas size. You can write text or draw an image on that canvas. Other people can clearly see what you are presenting to them if you have a good canvas size.

MioCreate Whiteboard Online Free allow you to write text using your keyboard as well as with your hand. You can sketch, draw, and write anything easily. Similarly, you can share multimedia content like photos, audios, and videos.

There are different shapes available in the MioCreate whiteboard, like connectors to create mind maps and design workflows. When you share something, other people who are listening to you can comment on your project in real time and can chat as well.

Also, it provides you with data security, so you don’t need to worry about important data leakage or theft. Since you have purchased their plan, it is therefore their responsibility to protect your data and privacy.

Final Thoughts

MioCreate Whiteboard Online is a great tool for teams to collaborate remotely in a better way. Since working together increases productivity, it allows individuals to share documents, knowledge, ideas, work plans, and talk with one another in real time. If you are looking to rock up your team’s progress and productivity, look no further than the MioCreate Whiteboard Online.

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