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Do you want to update your lash skills and know which eyelash extension styles appeal the most to clients? We have gathered the seven most sought-after lash extension looks in one convenient spot.

From subtle and natural to overtly glamorous, these 7 stunning lash styles will help sharpen your skills and allow you to offer a broad range of options your client base can choose from.


Top Lash Extension Styles to Offer to Your Clients

Lash styling allows artists and clients to express themselves creatively using different lash lengths, curls, colors, and volumes. Here are the top lash extension looks that will have your clients showing off their stunning lashes!


1.   Natural or Open Eye

A natural lash style is an excellent solution for clients looking to achieve natural-looking lashes. This style uses shorter extensions towards the eye’s inner corners and longer ones in the middle, mimicking how natural lashes grow. It also utilizes mixed lash lengths and curls evenly on the entire eye.

This lash extension style makes the eye appear more open, which explains why it’s also called the “Open Eye.” Through this style, your clients can get a naturally glamorous effect that draws attention to their eyes without appearing overly done up.

2.   Dolly Eye

The dolly eye lash style is an excellent recommendation if a client is looking to have their eyes appear rounder. It focuses on enhancing the middle part of the eyes and making them appear wider and more awake.

Additionally, this lash style can make the space between a client’s eyes appear smaller, which complements clients with far-set eyes and thinner eye shapes.

3.   Butterfly

One of the most popular lash types today is the butterfly lash style. This style is suitable for most eye shapes, including near-set eyes, round eyes, almond eyes, and downward eyes. A great celebrity example would be British singer and songwriter Dua Lipa.

This lash style follows the natural eye shape and enhances the middle-outer part of the eye. Then the longest length of lashes is placed where the eyebrow arches, while smaller lengths are placed towards the outer corners.

4.   Cat Eye

This eyelash extension style aims to create a long and sharp eyeliner look on the outer corner of the eyes. It elongates the eyes in an upward direction.

An example of a celebrity who has used the cat eyelash extension style is singer-songwriter (and cat lover) Taylor Swift. She has naturally round eyes, and this style makes her eyes look narrower.

The majority of eye shapes are suitable for this style. However, it is not commonly performed on far-set and downturned eyes. But if that’s what your client wants, make sure to set their expectations upon consultation.

Additionally, this style requires your clients to have strong natural lashes. But if a client doesn’t have lashes that are strong enough to withstand cat eye style, the butterfly style is an excellent alternative.

cat eye lash

5.   Wispy

This lash style combines wide and narrow volume fans to create a wispy butterfly look. This style is also called “Kim K” as it’s similar to the signature eye look of Kim Kardashian. The wispy lash style doesn’t use a classic eyelash extension. Instead, you’ll have to use volume lashes.

To achieve this look, you must use wide-volume fans as the base for the whole set. This adds fullness and curls to the volume set. Next, create a butterfly style and gradually add longer, narrow fans on the stronger lashes to create a spiky or wispy appearance.

6.   Wet Lash Look

This lash style mimics wet volume lashes after you have washed your face and makes for a wide-eye, glamorous look. Celebrities like Megan Fox also favor the wet lash style.

The key to achieving this lash style isn’t water. The trick is to apply many narrow fans to create a dark, dense base. Because of this, only clients with strong natural lashes can bear the weight of these lash extensions.

7.   M/L Curl Eyeliner Style

From its name, M/L Curl Eyeliner, this lash style creates a long, sharp, and upturned eyeliner effect on the eyes. Some lash artists also know this lash style as the mixed spikey effect.

It involves using basic curls from the center to the inner corners. Once you reach the middle of the eye, begin using M curl to the outer corner. Avoid creating stairs on the lash extension by blending the basic curls with M curls.

Making Eyelash Extensions Last Longer

Like how your clients care for their hair by getting frequent trims and using the best hair serums, lash extensions also require proper aftercare.

Regardless of how stunning their chosen lash style looks, remind clients to clean their lashes and schedule a fill appointment with you every two to three weeks. Good aftercare is key to great lash and eye health after a lash application. Your clients’ lash extensions will surely be a head-turner if you keep these popular lash styles and styling tips in mind!

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