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The global market for dog treats is currently valued at over $36 billion. Market research predicts that the valuation of this sector will surpass $270 billion in a decade. Many dog owners want to buy the best products for their pets, including treats made in small batches made by companies that care. Dog treats need eye-catching packaging to stand out on crowded pet supply store shelves and in categories or search results on online retailers. Here are seven dog treat packaging trends that are worth following this year.

Stand Up Pouches That Capture Joy

Stand up pouches are the best type of packaging for many types of dog treats. The sound of these packages being opened can bring joy to dogs and owners. Freestanding pouches provide structure to prevent treats from getting crushed. Brands can also customize flexible packaging with features to preserve freshness, such as a coffee bag with valve or barrier films that keep treats fresh for longer.

Packaging That Maximize Freshness

Brands can choose airtight flexible packaging materials and barriers that limit the exposure of contents to environmental factors. Packaging should protect contents from exposure to air, moisture and direct light to ensure that treats are fresh when customers open each package.

Smart Packaging To Inform Pet Owners

Packaging with informative text or QR codes that customers can scan with their smartphones is another worthwhile trend. Many dog owners want to know more about brands, treat ingredients and serving recommendations. Smart packaging helps companies communicate effectively with customers.

Durable Mylar Packaging

Mylar is a trending packaging material this year. This durable film can protect packages of treats from puncture hazards during distribution or shipping. Whether you are looking for full-size pouches or powder and liquid sachet packaging, Mylar can be a smart choice for packaging any type of treats.

Packaging That Gets Attention

Packaging with bold, eye-catching text and high-resolution, photo-quality graphics is likely to appeal to customers. Many treat brands take packaging design a step further and prominently feature colors that may be visible to dogs, such as blue and orange.

Sustainable Dog Treat Packaging

Recent market research indicates that over 80% of consumers, including pet owners, are interested in purchasing products in sustainable packaging. Dog treat brands can choose from post-consumer recycled or recyclable flexible packaging materials and learn more about compostable packaging that is suitable for stand up pouch printing.

Sample Packs of Dog Treats

Budget-conscious consumers may hesitate to spend a lot of money on new treats that dogs may not enjoy. Offering sample packs can simplify the decision to try a new brand or flavor of treats.

Dog treat brands can follow trends that align with the values a company wants to communicate to consumers. Investing time and effort in developing appealing and informative packaging can pay off, as customers are likely to repurchase treats that dogs love and that they know are nutritious and safe. Packaging that preserves freshness and reassures owners that they are buying the best treats can drive up first-time and repeat sales of pet products.

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