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Modern lifestyles deprive children of outdoor activities and confine them to hours and hours of screen exposure, greatly hampering their mental growth, creativity, concentration, and even motor skills. And even when children are willing to try a little outdoor engagement, sometimes we just don’t have the right gear to guarantee their safety and interests. Ever thought of acquiring an outdoor box? An outdoor box would make your kids intrigued about adventure and outdoor activities.

An outdoor box is full of accessories to enhance outdoor and adventure activities. For kids, such boxes would contain books, outdoor gear, crafts, tools, etc. The outdoor boxes are subscription-based and get delivered to your doorstep at the agreed frequency, usually monthly or quarterly. Some can be themed and attached to memorable occasions like Christmas, holidays, and momentous occasions. Such services are numerous and give you a little assignment of choosing outdoor boxes that best suit your children’s targets and needs. Here are five outdoor boxes you could prioritize for your kids:

1.  Wanlow Subscription Box

Wanlow is an excellent monthly adventure box for kids that focuses on evoking the desire and engaging your kids to play outside and fall in love with nature. It is perfect for kids aged 6-11. All parents would want their children to switch off the TV and find much thrill in nature and little games, making them mentally active and progressive. Regrettably, most kids don’t have such privileges anymore. Wanlow box, with its progressive activities, would get your kids out again, improve their spacial knowledge, and stimulate multiple senses.


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The headstart package, also known as the welcome box, equips every child with all they need to kick off their outdoor fun of knowledge quest and discovery. It usually contains a colorful lounge hammock for relaxing outdoors, a companion journal lasting the whole year, an Activities Booklet, and a Conservation-Themed Pen & Pencil Set to keep everything carefully written. After the initial package, the outdoor adventure continues each month, with monthly subscriptions coming with unique packages all intended to enhance love for nature.

You must note that you can pause, skip, or cancel your subscription anytime, so there is no need to worry about recurring subscriptions.

2.  Think Outside Boxes

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Think Outside is a comprehensive outdoor subscription box perfect for kids aged 4+. Younger kids will need parental guidance; those past 9 years can explore independently. A yearlong subscription will expose your children to fantastic outdoor engagement and mental steppings with each monthly package, which remains unique and interdependent. With its high-quality pack and gear, Think Outside makes you gather a collection of a comprehensive rucksack of outdoor-inspired gems.

Think outside boxes are affordable or, to put it better, worth every dime. It is the perfect gift every parent can think of giving their children, especially after they have performed well in class or on their fourth birthday. You can always change your subscription in case of any emergency that redirects your financial priorities.

3.  Little Passports

Little Passports is a brainchild of two moms, Stella Ma, and Amy Norman, who wanted to develop a fun and enriching way for children to learn about their world. While adults may love traveling, it would be different for kids. Little Passports is great if you want your kids to develop a keen taste for adventure and travel. It comes with five boxes for children aged 3-5, 5-8, 6-10, 7-12, and 9+ every month with age-compatible activities. Younger kids will get glued to keeping mementos and trading cards from each place they “visit.” As they age, they will become global citizens and make a reality of what they held dear as little kids.

4.  Pet Subscription Boxes

There is no doubt that all kids love pets. A pet subscription box would be great if your children keep pets or you want them to love them. It is not that they will be receiving new pets every month to end up littering your house with puppies. Instead, they will receive a monthly pet food, medicine, and toy shipment. Every kid will then go out and walk their pets in nature, take cool photos, and share their progress.

5.  Bookroo Subscription Boxes

Books don’t enjoy as much love as fun or other things we cherish across all age groups. Kids may join in because they will always join their parents in what they enjoy, including addictive cable TV programs.  Finding something fun outdoors, like going to read in the open with your kids, is much fun and a great idea all kids will enjoy with their parents. Bookroo is an exciting way to boost your home library and get your children to develop a love for books and research.

Bookroo subscription boxes

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When you get children to subscribe to the Bookroo subscription boxes, they will receive books every month and read them in the open withier friends. The fun is completing a monthly pack before the next subscription comes knocking. Bookroo is excellent for all kids as they are curated to suit all age groups, all the way to the senior kids aged 10 years. And even more, it is a game you could go with to adulthood.


Getting your kids to love outdoor activities can significantly improve their mental, physical, and motor skills. Subscribing your kids to an outdoor box would be perfect to have them intrigued with nature and adventure. This article provides you with perfect guidelines on outdoor boxes for kids.

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