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Your kids can enjoy their vacations or after-school time by engaging themselves in outdoor games and activities. Outdoor activities will help your children to develop their social skills and build physical fitness. In fact, any health-related benefits come along with outdoor games. Some families prefer apple picking in Bettendorf, IA, to bond with kids and help them understand nature. But that’s not all! Below are a few other activities that will help your children have fun outdoors.

10 Fun Outdoor Games For Kids

1. The flag-capturing game

In this game, the kids are divided into two teams which have their court. Each team has to set its flags at the edge of its court. The opposite team has to capture the other team’s flag. If a player gets tagged while capturing, the flag the player is considered ‘out.’


This game is quite common. A player will throw the ball in the air and say another player’s name. The kid, whose name gets yelled, is supposed to catch the ball and yell ‘SPUD’. After this, all the other players get frozen. The player will now proceed to throw the ball at someone. If the ball hits that particular someone, they become the ‘S’ from ‘SPUD’. The person who gets all the letters of ‘SPUD’ becomes ‘out’.

3. Tag with colored bands

In this game, a player has the be an ‘IT’. Every player has a band and is supposed to exchange the bands. The ‘IT’ tags another player and has to exchange their bands with that player. Once a player gets bands of all the colors they are declared the winner.

4. Can kicking game

This game is also very common. Here, the ‘IT’ is supposed to count to 100 until everyone hides. The ‘IT’ has to find the hidden players and yell their names while touching the can. If the hidden player kicks the can before the ‘IT’, the “IT’ will have to restart the game again.

5. Hopscotch

You can play this famous game by drawing squares and using a marker to toss them in one of the squares. The kids will then have to hop into these squares. Be creative and draw the squares in different shapes and forms to make the game more interesting.

6. Sardines

This is a hide-and-seek game that has a twist. Here, only one player has to hide while the rest players search for this player.

7. Obstacles game

You can set up different obstacles for your kids and ask them to overcome these obstacles. You can use various things in your house as obstacles.

8. Balancing exercises

You can carry out various balancing exercises to help your kids physically and mentally. One of these exercises includes ‘don’t drop the ball’.

9. Jump the rope

You can use the jumping rope to play different games. A player should stand and jump in the middle of the rope while the other two players spin the ropes circularly.

10. Bowling

You can also set up a bowling activity in your backyard with the help of cans.

All the above-mentioned activities will help in the well-being of your child. It doesn’t matter which games you play, what matters is the time that you get to spend with them.

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